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名古屋工業大学 加藤禎人




Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Dispersion in Batch and Continuous Toroidal Minimixer

  36(1),1-6 (2003)

L.Brujes, J.Legrand and G.Carnelle


A Novel Measurement Technique for Mixing Time in an Aerated Stirred Vessel

  36(1),66-74 (2003)

  N.Otomo, W.Bujalski, A.W. Nienow and K.Takahashi


Numerical Simulation of the Flow Field in the Mixing Section of a Screw Extruder by the Lattice Gas Automata Method

  36(1),110-113 (2003)

  H.Horiguchi, K.Takahashi and T.Yokota


Correlation of Discharge Flow Rate in a Vessel with Pitched Blade Paddle Impeller

36(2),187-197 (2003)

  S.Hiraoka, Y.Tada, Y.Kato, Y.Murakami, Y.Sato, A.Matuura and T.Yamaguchi


Power Consumption and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Volumetric Coefficient in an Agitated Vessel with Pitched Wire-Gauze Blade Impeller under Aeration

36(3),333-338 (2003)

S.Hiraoka, Y.Tada, Y.Kato, Y.Ukai, J.Sasaki, T.Yamaguchi and A.Matuura


Mixing Performance of Reciprocally Shaking Vessel


Y. Kato, S. Hiraoka, Y. Tada, K. Hirose and J.Buechs


Gassed Power Consumption and Gas Hold-up for a Dual Hollow Blade Impeller System in a Stirred Vessel

36(8),905-911 (2003)

  N.Otomo, W.Bujalski, A.W. Nienow and K.Takahashi


Drop Size Distribution in Liquid-Liquid Mixing

36(8),940-945 (2003)

  T.OK, S.Oogawara, S.Yoshikawa and K.Ogawa


Transactions IChemE Part A(Chemical Engineering Research and Design )


CFD Study of Power and Mixing Time for Paddle Mixing in Unbaffled Vessels

  80(6), 482-498(2002)

  S.M. Shekhar and S.Jayanti


Static Mixers to Promote Axial Mixing

  80(9), 681-685(20029

  E.B.Nauman, D.Kothari and K.D.P.Nigam


Mixing Time in Rheologically Evolving Model Fluids by Hybrid Dual Mixing Systems

80(11), 817-823(2002)

T.Espinosa-Solares, E.Brito-de La Fuente, A.Tecante, L.Medina-Torres and P.A.Tanguy


The Influence of the Addition Position of a Tracer on CFD Simulated Mixing Times in a Vessel Agitated by a Rushton Turbine

80(11), 824-831(2002)

  J.M.Bujalski, Z.Jaworski, W.Bujalski and A.W.Nienow


Recent Studies on Agitated Three-phase (Gas-Solid-Liquid) Systems in the Turbulent Regime

80(11), 832-838(2002)

A.W.Nienow and W.Bujalski


Gas-Liquid-Solid Operation of a Vortex-ingesting Stirred Tank Reactor

80(11), 839-845(2002)

K.Conway, A.Kyle and C.D.Rielly


Modeling of the Turbulent Wall Jet Generated by a Pitched Blade Turbine Impeller : The Effect of Turbulence Model

80(11), 846-854(2002)

  J.Jaworski and B.Zakrzewska


Study of Micromixing in a Stirred Tank Using a Rushton Turbine : Comparison of Feed Positions and Other Mixing Devices

80(11), 855-863(2002)

M.Assirelli, W.Bujalski, A.Eaglesham and A.W.Nienow


Phase Inversion During Liquid-Liquid Mixing in Continuous Flow, Pump-mix, Agitated Tanks

80(11), 864-871(2002)

  R.N.Reeve and J.C.Godfrey


Fluid Mixing and the Safe Quenching of a Runaway Reaction in a Stirred Autoclave

80(11), 872-879(2002)

  H.V.Hristov and R.Mann


Micromixing in Boiling and Hot Sparged Systems : Development of a New Reaction Pair

80(11), 880-886(2002)

D.Zhao, H.Muller-Steinhagen and J.M.Smith


Temperature Effects on the Gas Hold-up in Agitated Vessels

80(11), 887-892(2002)

  R.Schaper, A.B.de Haan and J.M.Smith


Assessment of Particle Suspension Conditions Pressure Gauge Technique

80(11), 893-902(2002)

  G.Micale, F.Grisafi and A.Brucato


Tomographic Imaging of Fluid Mixing in Three Dimensions for Single-feed Semi-batch Operation of a Stirred Vessel

80(11), 903-909(2002)

  S.J.Stanley, R.Mann and K.Prinmrose


Two-phase Laminar Flow Simulations in a Kenics Static Mixer : Standard Eulerian and Lagrangian Approachs

80(11), 910-916(2002)

Z.Jaworski and P.Pianko-Oprych


Ignition Characteristics of Turbulent Jet Flows

80(11), 917-923(2002)

  R.F.Alvani and M.Fairweather


Mixing in Tanks Agitated by Jets

81(2), 211-220(2003)


Prediction of Cloud Height for Solid Suspension in Stirred Tanks

81(2), 568-577(2003)

  K.J.Bittorf and S.M.Kresta


Static Mixers in the Process Industries – A Review

  81(8), 787-826(2003)



Chemical Engineering Science


Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Flow through Static Mixers

57, 3325-3333(2002)

A.Heyoumi, M.Rouatan and Z.Do-Quang


Hydrodynamics and Volumetric gas-liquid Mass Transfer Coefficient of a Stirred Vessel Equipped with a Gas-inducing Impeller

57, 3299-3306(2002)

  S.Poncin, C.Nguyen, N.Midoux and J.Breysee



The Influence of DEM Simulation Parameters on the Particle Behaviour in a V-mixer

57, 3621-3638(2002)

H.P.Kuo, P.C.Knight, D.J.Parker, Y.Tsuji, M.J.Adams and J.P.K.Seville


Practical Chaotic Mixing

57, 3749-3753(2002)

  M.M.Alvarez-Hernandez, T.Shinbrot, J.Zalc and F.J.Muzzio


Comments on “Power Input in Closed Stirred Vessels” by C.D.Taca and M.Paunescu

57, 3755(2002)

  Ivan Fort


Power-draw Analysis of a Coaxial Mixer with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids in the Laminar Regime

57, 3861-3872(2002)

F.Thibault and P.A.Tanguy


Investigation by Laser Doppler Velocimetry of the Effects of Liquid Flow Rates and Feed Positions on the flow Patterns Induced in a Stirred Tank by an Axial-flow Impeller

57, 3939-3952(2002)

  P.Mavros, C.Xuereb, I.Fort and J.Bertrand


Experimental Study of the Mixing Kinetics of Binary Pharmaceutical Powder Mixtures in a Laboratory Hoop Mixer

  57, 4053-4065(2002)

  S.Massol-Chaudeur, H.Berthiaux and J.A.Dodds


Aging Characteristics od Protein Precipitates Produced by Polyelectrolyte Precipitation in Turbulently Agitated Reactor

57, 4077-4085(2002)

  Woon-Soo Kim, I.Hirasawa and Woo-Sik Kim


A Model of the Coagulation Process with Solid Particles and Flocs in a Turbulent Flow

57, 4357-4368(2002)

  S.Schuetz and M.Piesche


Modeling Heat Transfer for Pitched-blade Turbines Operating in the Laminar Range Mixing

57, 4533-4538(2002)

  Cz. Kuncewicz


Scale-up in Laminar and Transient Regimes of a Multi-stage Stirre, a CFD Approach

57, 4617-4632(2002)

  B.Letelier, C.Xuereb, P.Swaels, P.Hobbes and J.Bertrand


Segregation Patterns in V-blenders

58, 487-496(2003)

A.Alexander, F.J.Muzzio and T.Shinbrot


A Novel Approach for Describing Mixing Effects in Homogeneous Reacors

58, 1053-1061(2003)

S.Chakraborty and V.Balakotaiah


Mass-transfer Enhancement by Static Mixers in a Wall-coated Catalytic Reactor

58, 1063-1070(2003)

J.G.Khinast, A.Bauer, D.Bolz and A.Panarello


High Temperature Fluidized Bed Reactor: Measurements, Hydrodynamics and Simulation

58, 1071-1077(2003)

H.Cui, P.Sauriol and J.Chaouki


Heat and Mass Fluxes in Presence of Superficial Reaction in a not Completely Laminar Flow

58, 1079-1086(2003)

A.Di Benedetto, F.S. Marra and G.Russo



Effect of Gassing Rate on Solid-Liquid Mass Transfer Coefficients and Particle Slip Velocities in Stirred Tank Reactors

58, 1087-1093(2003)

  R.P.Fishwick, J.M.Winterbottom and E.H.Stitt


Time-dependent Flow Structures and Lagrangian Mixing in Rushton-Impeller Baffled-Tank Reactor

58, 1615-1629(2003)

M.Campolo, F.Sbrizzai and A.Soldati


Gas Hold-up, Mixing Time and Gas-Liquid Volmetric Mass Transfer Coefficient of Various Multiple-impeller Configurations: Rushton Turbine Pitched Blade Techmix Impeller and Their Combinations

58, 1839-1846(2003)

T.Moucha, V.Linek and E.Prokopova


Axial Mixing in Pipe Flows: Turbulent and Transition Regions

58, 2715-2724(2003)

K.Ekambara and J.B.Joshi


On the Origin, Frequency and Magnitude of Macro-instabilities of the Flows in Stirred Vessels

58, 2937-2949(2003)

L.Nikiforaki, G.Montante, K.C.Lee and M.Yianneskis


CFD Simulation ob Mixing and Reaction: The Relevance of the Micro-Mixing Model

58, 3579-3587(2003)

D.L.Marchisio and A.Barresi


A New Characteristic of Liquid-liquid Systems – Inversion Holdup of Intensity Agitated Dispersions

58, 3829-3835(2003)

K.B.Deshpande and S.Kumar


Spectral and Wavelet Analysis of the Flow Pattern Transition with Impeller Clearance Variations in a Stirred Vessel

  58, 3859-3857(2003)

  C.Galletti, E.Brunazzi, M.Yianneskis and A.Paglianti


Applying Rotary Jet Heads for Mixing and Mass Transfer in a Forced Recirculation Tank Reactor System

  58, 3877-3890(2003)

  M.Nordkvist, T.Grotkjaer, J.S.Hummer and J.Villadsen


Effective Interfacial Area in Agitated Liquid-Liquid Continuous Reactors

  58, 3935-3945(2003)




AIChE Journal


Transport Across a Turbulent Air-Water Interface

  48(9), 1856-1869(2002)

  C.N.S.Law and B.C.Khoo


Large-scale Oscillations of a Feedstream Inside a Stirred Tank Reactor

  48(9), 1888-1895(2002)

  I.L.M.Verschuren, J.G.Wijers and J.T.F.Keurentjes


Using CFD to Understand Chaotic Mixing in Laminar Stirred Tanks

  48(9), 1856-1869(2002)

  J.M.Xalc, E.S.Szalai, M.M.Alvarez and F.J.Muzzio


Mechanisms of Mixing and Creation of Dtructure in Laminar Stirred Tanks

  48(9), 1856-1869(2002)

  M.M.Alvarez, J.M.Zalc, T.Shinbrot, P.E.Arratia and F.J.Muzzio


Experimental Analysis of Hydrodynamics in a Radially Agitated Tank

49(3), 585-603 (2003)
Patrice Nadeau, Dimitrios Berk and Richard J. Munz


Mixing of Power-Law Fluids Using Anchors: Metzner-Otto Concept Revised

49(3), 585-603 (2003)

  S.M.Shekhar and S.Jayanti


Entropic Characterization of Distributive Mixing in Polymer Processing Equipment


  W.Wang and Ica Manas-Zloczower


Characterization of Asphaltenes Aggregation and Fragmentation in a Shear Field

49(7), 1645-1655(2003)

  N.H.G.Rahmani and J.Masliyah


Efficient Simulation of Time-Dependent Flows: Application to a Twin Screw Extruder


  J.S.Raut, V.M.Naik and T.R.Jongen


Heat Transfer at the Subcooled-Scraped Surface with/without Phase Change

49(8), 1947-1955(2003)

  F.G.F.Qin, X.D.Chen and A.B.Russel



Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


Optimum Design of Multiple-Impeller Self-Inducing System

42, 1261-1265(2003)

S.S.Patil and J.B.Joshi


Experimental Investigation of Flow Regimes in an SMX Sulzer Static Mixer
42, 1478-1489(2003)

K.Hirech, A.Arhaliass and Jack Legrand


Gas-Liquid Flow Generated by a Pitched-Blade Turbine: Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

  42, 5318-5332(2003)



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering


Laminar Mixing in Eccentric Stirred Tank Systems

  80(8), 546-557(2002)

  Mario M. Alvarez, Paulo E. Arratia and Fernando J. Muzzio


Unconventional Configuration Studies to Improve Mixing Times in Stirred Tanks

80(8), 558-565(2002)

Gabrial Ascanio, Magdalena Brito-Bazan, E.Brito-De La Fuente, P.J.Carreau and P.A.Tanguy


Experimental Analysis of Hydrodynamics Induced by a Moritz HAS Impeller in Laminar and Turbulent Regimes

80(8), 566-579(2002)

R.Escudie, A.Line and P. Kiener


Tracer Dispersion in Stirred Tank Reactors: Asymptotic Properties and Mixing Characterization

80(8), 580-590(2002)

M.Giona, A.Paglianti, S. Cerbelli, S.Pintus and A.Adover


Investigation of Flow Patterns in Continuous-flow Stirred Vessels by Laser Doppler Velocimetry

80(8), 5910-600(2002)

P.Mavros, C.Xuereb, I. Fort and J.Bertrand


Power Consumption in the Turbulent Regime for a Coaxial Mixer

80(8), 601-603(2002)

P.A.Tanguy and F.Thibault


Morphology Development in Kenics Static Mixers (Application of the Extended Mapping Method)

80(8), 604-613(2002)

O.S.Galaktionov, P.D.Anderson, G.W.M.Peters and H.E.H.Meijer


The Influence of Viscosity Ratio on Mixing Effectiveness in a Two-fluid Laminar Motionless Mixer

80(8), 614-621(2002)

A.L.Ventresca, Q.Cao and Ajay K.Prasad


Using a New Interfacial Area Transport Equation to Predict Interfacial Area in Co-current Jet Mixers

80(8), 622-631(2002)

S.L.Yarbro and R.L.Long


On the Applicability of the Grace Curve in Practical Mixing Operations

80(8), 632-637(2002)

Y.W.Stegeman, F.N.van de Voss and H.E.H.Meijer


Flow Generated by an Aerated Rushton Impeller:Two-phase PIV Experiments and Numerical Simulations

80(8), 638-652(2002)

N.G.Deen, T.Solberg and B.H.Hjertager


Operational Characteristics of a New Energy-saving Impeller for Gas-Liquid Mixing

80(8), 653-659(2002)

S.D.Vlaev, P.Mavros, P.Seichter and R.Mann


Simple Model to Evaluate Loading/Flooding Transition in Aerated Vessels Stirred by Rushton Disc Turbines

80(8), 660-664(2002)

A.      Paglianti


Diagnosis of Solid Distribution in Vessels Stirred with Multiple PBTs and Comparison of Two Modelling Approaches

80(8), 665-673(2002)

G.Montante, D.Pinelli and F.Magelli


Concept for Scale-up of Solids Suspension in Stirred Tanks

80(8), 674-681(2002)

M.Kraume and P.Zehner


Critical Impeller Speed for Suspending Solid in Aerated Agitation Tanks

80(8), 682-687(2002)

Y.Zhu and J.Wu


Measuring Volumetric Phase Fractions in a Gas-Solid-Liquid Stirred Tank Reactor Using an Impedance Probe

80(8), 688-694(2002)

E.Brunazzi, U.Di Festa, C.Galletti, C.Merello, A.Paglianti and S.Pintus


CFD Simulations of Three-dimensional Wall Jets in a Stirred Tank

80(8), 695-709(2002)

S.Bhattacharya and S.M.Kresta


On the Comparison between Probability Density Function Models for CFD Applications

80(8), 710-720(2002)

D.Fissore, D.L.Marchisio and A.A.Barresi


CFD Simulation od Solids Suspension in Mixing Vessels

80(8), 721-726(2002)

N.C.S.Kee and R.B.H.Tan



Pressure Drop and Mass Transfer Study in Static Mixers with Gas Continuous Phase

80(8), 727-733(2002)

A.Couvert, M.F. Peculier and A.Laplanche


Floculation Monitoring: Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement as a Measurement Tool

80(8), 734-740(2002)

A.Blanco, E.Fuente, C.Negro and J.Tijero


Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Coefficient in Stirred Tank Reactors

80(10), 840-848(2002)

A.A.Yawalkar, A.B.M.Heesink, G.F.Versteeg and V.G.Pangarkar


Important Factors in Bubble Coalescence Modeling in Stirred Tank Reactors

  81, 557-565(2003)

  R.Sudiyo, T.Virdung and B.Andersson


Some Effects of Particle Wettability in Agitated Solid-Gas-Liquid Systems: Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer and the Dispersion of Floating Solids

  81, 581-587(2003)

  F.Gentile, H.Oleschko, P.Veverka, V.Machon, A.Paglianti, W.Bujarski, A.W.Etchells III and A.W.Nienow


Solid-Liquid Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamics in Hydrogenation of 4-Nitrobenzoic Acid

  81, 588-596(2003)



Chemical Engineering & Technology

Flow Pattern and Mixing in the Multi-Turbine Agitated Bioreactor Filled with Poly(g-Glutamic Acid) Solution

  25, 345-352(2002)

  J.H.Do, L.A.Shang, D.H.Kim and H.N.Chang


Derivation of Supersaturation and Nucleation Flux in a Stirred Tank From Tracer Concentration Measurements

  26, 322-324(2003)

A.Fall, O.Lecoq and R.David


Performance of a New Mixed Down Pumping Impeller

26, 908-911(2003)

G.Ascanio, S.Foucauly and P.A.Tanguy




29(1), 87-93(2003)



29(2), 305-308(2003)

長舟誉也・小島 英・三枝奈都記・平田雄志



  29(3), 327-332(2003)




29(5), 596-600 (2003)




 29(5), 685-691(2003)