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Mixing Characteristics in a Conical Taylor?Couette Flow System at Low Reynolds Numbers

Naoto Ohmura, Mohamed Nabil Noui-Mehidi, Kenji Sasaki, Kazuhiro Kitajima and Kunio Kataoka

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 4, 546-550


Gas Induced Injection of Liquid Inhibitor Agents

Horst Grafmans and Artur Steiff

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 8, 933-940


The Effect of Off-bottom Clearance on Macro Instabilities in a Stirred Vessel

Nobuo Matsuda, Yutaka Tada, Setsuro Hiraoka, Shaoxiang Qian and Hiroshi Takeda

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 10, 1215-1223


Rapid Micromixing Based on Multilayer Laminar Flows

Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Kazuya Ogino, Kenichi Yamashita and Hideaki Maeda

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 10, 1265-1270


Prediction of Continuous Phase Axial Mixing in Rotating Disc Contactors

Thanapalan Murugesan and Iyyasami Regupathi

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 10, 1293-1302


Effects of Instantaneous Slip Velocity and Solute Distribution on the Dissolution Process of Crystal Particles in a Stirred Vessel

Ryuta Misumi, Naoki Nakamura, Kazuhiko Nishi and Meguru Kaminoyama

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 12, 1452-1460


Performance Characteristics of a Stirred-Tank Reactor with a Mechanical Foam-Breaker Utilizing Shear Force

Satoshi Takesono, Masayuki Onodera, Masanori Yoshida, Kazuaki Yamagiwa and Akira Ohkawa

Vol. 37 (2004), No. 12, 1488-1496


Transactions IChemE Part A(Chemical Engineering Research and Design )


Spinning Cones as Pumps, Degassers and Level Controllers in Mechanically Stirred Tanks

M.Cooke, P.J.Heggs, A.Eaglesham and D.Housley

Vol.82, No.6, (2004) 719-729


Simulation of Flow Generated by an Axial-Flow Impeller : Batch and Continuous Opereation

A.R.Khopkar, P.Mavros, V.V.Ranade and J.Bertrand

Vol.82, No.6, (2004) 737-751


Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Characteristics in a Stirred Vessel using the LES and RANS Approaches with the Sliding/Deforming Mesh Methodology

S.L.Yeoh, G.Papadakis and M.Yienneskis

Vol.82, No.6, (2004) 834-848


The Versatility of Up-pumping Hydrofoil Agitators

A.W.Nienow and W.Bujalski

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1073-1081


Suspension of Microcarriers for Cell Culture with Axial Flow Impellers

S.Ibrahim and A.W.Nienow

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1082-1088


A Strategy for Solving a Mathematical Model of Barium Sulphate Precipitation in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Z.Jaworski and A.W.Nienow

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1089-1094


Bubble Size Distribution and Void Fraction in the Wake Region Below a Ventilated Gas Cavity in Downward Pipe Flow

G.M.Evans, P.M.Machniewski and A.K.Bin

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1095-1104


A mechanics Model to Estimate Power Consumption and Mixing Time in Aluminum Industries

F.Chiti, A.Paglianti and W.Bujalski

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1105-1111


Computer Simulation Study on the Interaction Between a PVC Model Molecule and Ca(OH)2 Excited Under Mechanical Force

K.Mizukami, T.Ito, S.Saeki, Q.Zhang, F.Saito and H.Ryu

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1112-1116


Mixing Effects in Silver Halide Precipitation: Linking Theory with Practice Using a Multi-Mechanism Model

S.M.Kresta, G.L>Anthieren and K.Parsiegla

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1117-1136


Product and Formulation Engineering of Emulsions

H.Schubert and Engel

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1137-1143


Bioreactor Retrofitting to Avoid Aeration with Oxygen in Pichia Pastoris Cultivation Processes for Recombinant Protein Production

M.Jenzsch, M.Lange, J.Baer, J.U.Rahfeld and A.Luebbert

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1144-1152


Surface Feed with Minimum By-product Formation for Competitive Reactions

S.Bhattacharya and S.M.Kresta

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1153-1160


Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer: Influence of Sparger Location

R.Sardeing, J.Aubin, M.Poux and C.Xuereb

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1161-1168


Modeling of Turbulence in Stirred vessels Using Large Simulation

A.Bakker and L.Oshinowo

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1169-1178


Liquid Homogenization Characteristics in Vessels Stirred with Multiple Ruston Turbines Mounted at Different Spacings:

CFD Study and Comparison with Experimental Data

G.Montante and F.Magelli

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1179-1187


On Spatial and Temporal Variations and Estimates of Energy Dissipation in Stirred Reactors

M.Micheletti, S.Baldi, S.L.Yeoh, A.Ducci, G.Rapadakis, K.C.Lee and M.Yianneskis

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1188-1198


Time-periodic Mixing of Shear-thining Fluids

G.Ascanio, S.Foucault and P.A.Tanguy

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1199-1203


CFD Simulation of Particle Suspension Height in Stirred Vessels

G.Micale, F.Grisafi, L.Rizzuti and A.Brucato

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1204-1213


A Study of Reynolds Stresses, Triple Products and Turbulence States in Radially Stirred Tank with 3-D Laser Anemometry

C.Galletti, E.Brunazzi, S.Pintus, A.Paglianti and M.Yianneskis

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1214-1228


Batch Stirred Vessel Mixing Evaluated by Visualized Reactive Tracers and Electrical Tomography

E.Wabo, M.Kagoshima and R.Mann

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1229-1236


Measurement of Particle Impact Frequencies and Velocities on Impeller Blades in a Mixing Tank

K.C.Kee and C.D.Rielly

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1237-1249


An Impedance Probe for the Measurements of Flow Characteristics and Mixing Properties in Stirred Slurry Reactors

E.Brunazzi, C.Galleti, A.Paglianti and S.Pintus

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1250-1257


Particle Tracking in Opaque Mixing Systems: An Cverview of the Capabilities of PET and PEPT


Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1258-1267


Force Effects of the Macro-instability of Flow Pattern on Radial Baffles in a Stirred Vessel with Pitched-blade and Rushton Turbine Impellers

P.Hasal, I.Fort and J.Kratena

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1268-1281


Review Paper  Measurement of Power Consumption in Stirred Vessels – a Review

G.Ascanio, B.Castro and E.Galindo

Vol.82, No.9(2004) 1282-1290


Chemical Engineering Science


Mixing in a fluid jet agitated tank: effects of jet angle and elevation and number of jets

H.D.Zughbi and M.A.Rakib

59(2004), 829-842


Analysis of a new type of high pressure homogeniser. A Study of the flow pattern

J.Floury, J.Bellettre, J.Legrand and A.Desrumaux

59(2004), 843-853


Microdynamic analysis of the particle flow in a cylindrical bladed mixer

Y.C.Zhou, A.B.Yu, R.L.Stewart and J.Bridgwater

59(2004), 1343-1364


Segretgated region in continuous laminar stirred tank reactors

P.E.Arratia, J.P.Lacombe, T.Shinbrot and F.J.Muzzio

59(2004), 1481-1490


Two-colour laser induced fluorescence for the quantification of micero- and macromixing in stirred vessels

K.Kling and D.Mewes

59(2004), 1569-1576


Characterisation of impeller driven and oscillatory mixing by spatial and temporal shear rate distributions

C.M.Chew, R.I.Ristic, G.K.Reynolds and R.C.Ooi

59(2004), 1557-1568


Multi-scale modeling of a reactive mixing process in a semibatch stirred tank

Lars Vicum, S.Ottiger, M.Mazzotti, L.Makowski and J.Baldyga

59(2004), 1767-1781


Theoretical prediction of gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient, specific area and hold-up in sparged stirred tanks

F.Garcia-Ochoa and E.Gomez

59(2004), 2489-2501


Conjygate heat and mass transfer process within porous media with dielectric cores in microwave freeze drying

H.Wu, Z.Tao, G.Chen, H.Deng, G.Xu and S.Ding

59(2004), 2921-2989


New approach to the formulation of hydrogel beads by emulsification/thermal gelation using a static mixer

E.Belyaeva, D.D.Valle, R.J.Neufeld and D.Poncelet

59(2004), 2913-2920


Dispersion coefficients and settling velocities of solids in slurry vessels stirred with different types of multiple impellers

D.Pielle, G.Montante and F.Magelle

59(2004), 3081-3089


Reynolds number effects in a simple planetary mixer

M.J.Clifford, S.M.Cox and M.D.Finn

59(2004), 3371-3379


Residence time distribution of solid particles in a continuos, high-aspect ratio multiple-impeller stirred vessel

F.Scargiali,, F.Grisafi, J.Cermakova, V.Machon and A.Brucato

59(2004), 3601-3618


Mixing analysis in a tank stirred with Ekato Intermig impellers

E.S.Szalai, P.Arratia, K.Johnson and F.J.Muzzio

59(2004), 3793-3805


AIChE Journal


Characterization of Trailing Vortices Generated by a Rushton Turbine

R.Escudie, D.Bouyer and A.Line

50, No.1, (2004) , 75-86


Experimentally-validated Micromixing-Based CFD for Fed-Batch Stirred Tank Reactors

O.Akiti and P.M.Armenante

50, No. 3, (2004) , 566-577


Flow in an Impeller-Stirred Tank Using an Immersed-Boundary Method

R.Verzixxo, F.Fatoca, G.Iaccarino and P.Orlandi

50, No.6, (2004) , 1108-1119


Dynamical System in Pin Mixers of Single-Screw Extruders

W.R.Hwang, K.W.Kang and T.H.Kwon

50, No.7, (2004) , 1372-1385


Dunamic Flow in a Kenics Static Mixer: An Assesment of Various CFD Method

W.F.C. van Wageningen, D. Kandhai, R.F.Mudde and H.E.A. van den Akker

50, No.8, (2004) , 1684-1696


Reynolds Number and Impeller Diameter Effects on Instabilities in Stirred Vessels

C.Galletti, A.Paglianti, K.C.Lee and M.Yianneskis

50, No.9, (2004) , 2050-2063


Experimental Analysis of Floc Size Distribution under Different Hydrodynamics in a Mixing Tank

D.Bouyer, A.Line and Z.Do-Quang

50, No.9, (2004) , 2064-2081


Effect of Waveforms on Morphology Development in Chaotic Mixing of Polymers

M.Sau and S.C.Jana

50, No.9, (2004) , 2346-2357


Numerical Study of Scalar Mixing in Curved Channels at Low Reynolds Numbers

S.P.Vanka, G.Luo and C.M.Winkkler

50, No.10, (2004) , 2359-2368


Macroinstability Uncovered in aRushton Turbine Stirred Tank by Means of LES

H.Hartmann, J.J.Derksen and H.E.A. van den Akker

50, No.10, (2004) , 2383-2393


Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


Mass Transfer Characteristics of Surface Aerators and Gas-Inducing Impellersystem

S.S.Patil, N.A.Deshmukh and J.B.Joshi

43, (2004) 2765-2774



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering


Experimental Study of Influence of the Impeller Spacing on Flow Behaviour of Double-Impeller Stirred Tank

S.Xueming L.Xiaoling and L.Yulin

81(12), (2003), 1239-1245


LDA Measurements on a Turbulent Gas/Liquid/Fibre Suspension

J.Pettersson and A.Rasmuson

82(4), (2004) 265-274


The Two-Phase Flow in an Axially Stirred Vessel Investigated Using Phase-Doppler Anemometry

M.Ljungqvist and A.Rasmuson

82(4), (2004), 275-288


Some Characteristics of Stirred Vessel Flows of Dilute Polymer Solutions Powered by a Hyperboloid Impeller

A.S.Cavadas and F.T.Pinho

82(4), (2004), 289-302


A Laboratory Reactor for Gas-Phase Olefin Polymerization

T.M.Mannan, H.Hammawa, D.T.Lynch and S.E.Wanke

82(4), (2004), 371-381


Chemical Engineering & Technology


Power Consumption in Agitated Vessels with Dual Rushton Turbines: Baffle Length and Impeller Spacing Effects

J.Markopoulos, E.Babalona and E.Tsiliopoulou

27(11), (2004), 1212-1215




振動式混合装置“VIBRO MIXERR”の混合特性

大村直人, 小村祟信, 宮本 , 布施正憲, 谷口 , 片岡邦夫

Vol. 30 (2004), No. 1, 1-6



亀井 , 平岡節郎, 加藤禎人, 多田 , 山崎桂子

Vol. 30 (2004), No. 1, 105-107



相田真男, 望月雅文

Vol. 30 (2004, No. 3, 376-380



西尾 , 高橋幸司, 渋谷純一, 的場誠二

Vol. 30 (2004), No. 5, 721-725



亀井 , 平岡節郎, 加藤禎人, 多田 , 山本洋祐

Vol. 30 (2004), No. 5, 738-743



相田真男, 城田大吾, 岩崎重雄, 望月雅文

Vol. 30 (2004), No. 6, 835-839