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名古屋工業大学 加藤禎人




Mixing Time for Different Diameters of Impeller at High Solid Concentration in an Agitated Vessel

Katsuhide Takenaka, Koji Takahashi, Waldemar Bujalski, Alvin William Nienow, Saverio Paolini, Alessandro Paglianti  and Arthur W. Etchells

Vol. 38 (2005), No. 5, 309-31


Improvement of Mixing Efficiencies of Conventional Impeller with Unsteady Speed in an Impeller Revolution

Y.Kato, Y.Tada, M.Ban, Y.Nagatsu, S.Iwata and K.Yanagimoto

Vol. 38 (2005), No. 9, 688-691


Effects of Liquid Film Formed on Flask Surface on Oxygen Transfer Rate in Shaking Flask and Development of Baffled Shaking Vessel by Optical Method Based on Sulfite Oxidation

Y.Kato, Y.Tada, E.Iwanaga, Y.Nagatsu, S.Iwata, Y.S Lee and S.T Koh

Vol. 38 (2005), No. 11, 873-877



Transactions IChemE Part A(Chemical Engineering Research and Design )


Influence of Process Parameters on the Tapping Characteristics of High Shear Mixer Agglomerates Made with Ultra-high Viscosity Binders

Authors: S. L. Rough, D. I. Wilson, A. E. Bayly and D. W. York

Vol.83(A1), Page start: 7-23


CFD Modelling of Mixing and Heat Transfer in Batch Cooling Crystallizers: Aiding the Development of a Hybrid Predictive Compartmental Model

Authors: E. Kougoulos, A. G. Jones and M. Wood-Kaczmar

Vol.83(A1), Page start: 30-39


Local Bubble Size Distributions in Agitated Vessel: Comparison of Three Experimental Techniques

Authors: M. Laakkonen, P. Moilanen, T. Miettinen, K. Saari, M. Honkanen, P. Saarenrinne and J. Aittamaa

Vol.83(A1), Page start: 50-58


Considerations for the Selection and Design of Sampling Systems for Heterogeneous Processes in a Stirred Tank Reactor

Authors: A. Diez-Lazaro, M. L. Hitchman and D. Littlejohn

Vol.83(A4), Page start: 344-351


Mixing Time, Homogenization Energy and Residence Time Distribution in a Gas-Induced Contactor

Authors: M. Jafari and J. S. Soltan Mohammadzadeh

Vol.83(A4), Page start: 452-459


Interactions of Precipitation and Fluid Mixing with Model Validation by Electrical Tomography

Authors: M. Kagoshima and R. Mann

Vol.83(A7),Page start: 806-810


Hydrodynamics Characterization of Rotor-Stator Mixer with Viscous Fluids

Authors: L. Doucet, G. Ascanio and P. A. Tanguy

Vol.83(A10),Page start: 1186-1195



AIChE Journal


Numerical investigation of blade shape in static mixing (p 44-58)

Vol.51, No.1,(2005),

M. Heniche, P. A. Tanguy, M. F. Reeder, J. B. Fasano


Cluster kinetics of granular mixing (p 406-414)

Vol.51, No.2,(2005),

Benjamin J. McCoy, Giridhar Madras


Turbulent mixing in a tubular reactor: Assessment of an FDF/LES approach (p 725-739)

Vol.51, No.3,(2005),

E. van Vliet, J. J. Derksen, H. E. A. van den Akker


Hydrodynamics of the mixing head in RIM: LDA flow-field characterization (p 1608-1619)

Vol.51, No.6,(2005),

André M. Teixeira, Ricardo J. Santos, Mário Rui P. F. N. Costa, José Carlos B. Lopes


Experimental study of reactive chaotic flows in tubular reactors (p 2122-2132)

Vol.51, No.8,(2005),

C. Boesinger, Y. Le Guer, M. Mory


Investigation of turbulent mixing in a confined planar-jet reactor (p 2649-2664)

Vol.51, No.10,(2005),

Hua Feng, Michael G. Olsen, Ying Liu, Rodney O. Fox, James C. Hill


Coalescence of immiscible polymer blends in chaotic mixers (p 2675-2685)

Vol.51, No.10,(2005),

Jairo E. Perilla, Sadhan C. Jana


Experimental approaches for understanding mixing performance of a minireactor (p 2923-2929)

Vol.51, No.11,(2005),

G. G. Chen, G. S. Luo, S. W. Li, J. H. Xu, J. D. Wang


Dimensional analysis for planetary mixer: Modified power and Reynolds numbers (p 3094-3100)

Vol.51, No.12,(2005)

G. Delaplace, R. Guérin, J. C. Leuliet


Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


Characterization of Gas-Liquid Flows in Stirred Vessels Using Pressure and Torque Fluctuations

A. R. Khopkar, S. S. Panaskar, A. B. Pandit, and V. V. Ranade

Vol.44, No.9, (2005) pp 3298 - 3311


Wall Heat Transfer in Stirred Tank Reactors

Rune Engeskaug, Elisabeth Thorbjrnsen, and Hallvard F. Svendsen

Vol.44, No.14, (2005) pp 4949 - 4958


Power Characteristics in Coaxial Mixing: Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids

Stéphane Foucault, Gabriel Ascanio, and Philippe A. Tanguy

Vol.44, No.14, (2005) pp 5036 - 5043


Liquid Backmixing and Phase Holdup in a Gas-Liquid Multistage Agitated Contactor

Lifeng Zhang, Qinmin Pan, and Garry L. Rempel

Vol.44, No.14, (2005) pp 5304 - 5311


Modeling and Scale-Up of Mixing- and Temperature-Sensitive Chemical Reactions

Gary Patterson

Vol.44, No.14, (2005) pp 5325 - 5341


Interaction between Mixing, Chemical Reactions, and Precipitation

Jerzy Badyga, ukasz Makowski, and Wojciech Orciuch

Vol.44, No.14, (2005) pp 5342 - 5352


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Stirred Tanks

Feng Wang and Zai-Sha Mao

Vol.44, No.15, (2005) pp 5776 - 5787


Screening Tool to Evaluate the Levels of Local Anisotropy of Turbulence in Stirred Vessels

Elisabetta Brunazzi, Chiara Galletti, Alessandro Paglianti, and Sandro Pintus

Vol.44, No.15, (2005) pp 5836 - 5844


Hydrodynamic Measurements of Up- and Down-Pumping Pitched-Blade Turbines in Gassed, Agitated Vessels, Using Positron Emission Particle Tracking

Robert P. Fishwick, J. Mike Winterbottom, David J. Parker, Xianfeng Fan, and E. Hugh Stitt

Vol.44, No.16, (2005) pp 6371 - 6380


Effects of Equipment and Process Variables on the Suspension of Buoyant Particles in Gas-Sparged Vessels

Yuyun Bao, Zhengming Gao, Zhigang Hao, Jiangang Long, Litian Shi, John M. Smith, and Norman F. Kirkby

Vol.44, No.20, (2005) pp 7899 - 7906


Effect of Internals on the Flow Pattern and Mixing in Stirred Tanks

T. Kumaresan, Nandkishor K. Nere, and Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi

Vol.44, No.26, (2005) pp 9951 - 9961



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering


Reconciling Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) Measurements with a Fluid Mixing Model for Semi-Batch Operation of a Stirred Vessel

Steven John Stanley, Hristo Hristov, Reg Mann and Ken Primrose

Vol.83(2005) Pages 48-54


The Use of Positron Emission Particle Tracking in the Study of Multiphase Stirred Tank Reactor Hydrodynamics

Rob Fishwick, Mike Winterbottom, David Parker, Xianfeng Fan and Hugh Stitt

Vol.83(2005) Pages 97-103


A Combined Mass Transfer Coefficient Model for Liquid-Liquid Systems under Simultaneous Effect of Contamination and Agitation

Javad Saien and Mohammad Barani

Vol.83(2005) Pages 224-231


Mixing of Shear-Thinning Fluids with Dual Off-Centred Impellers

Gabriel Ascanio and Philippe A. Tanguy

Vol.83(2005) Pages 393-400


Drop Breakup in an SMX Static Mixer in Laminar Flow

Shiping Liu, Andrew N. Hrymak and Philip E. Wood

Vol.83(2005) Pages 793-807


Solid Suspension in Jet Mixers

Rajesh N. Kale and Ashwin W. Patwardhan

Vol.83(2005) Pages 816-828


Minimizing Impeller Slurry Wear through Multilayer Paint Modelling

J. Wu, B. Ngyuen, L. Graham, Y. Zhu, T. Kilpatrick and J. Davis

Vol.83(2005) Pages 835-842


Chemical Engineering & Technology


Mixing and Organic Chemistry

Tomas Bayer and Klaus Himmler

28(3), (2005), 285-289


Power Consumption in Dual Impeller Gas-liquid Contactors: Impeller Spacing, Gas Flow Rate, and Viscosity Effects

Evanthia Babalona, Despina Bahouma, Simore Tagia, Emmanouil Pantouflas, and Joannis Markopoulos

28(7), (2005), 802-807


Modeling the Torque Requirement of a Blade Stirrer in Bulk Solids

Adrian Spillmann, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr and Ralf Weinekoetter

28(7), (2005), 741-745


Complete Dispersion Characteristics in Gas-Liquid Contactors Agitated by Single- and Double-Stage Rushton Turbines

Evanthia Babalona, Spiros V. Paras and Joannis Markopoulos

28(2), (2005), 137-139


Effects of Physical Property Differences on Blending

Pip N. Jones and Guel N. Oezcan-Taskin

28(8), (2005), 908-914


Power Consumption in Agitated Vessels with Dual Pitched Blade Turbines: Baffle Length and Impeller Spacing Effects

Joannis Markopoulos, Evanthia Babalona, Evanthia Tsiliopoulou and Katerina Tasopoulou

28(9), (2005), 978-981


Chemical Engineering Science


Drop breakage model in static mixers at low and intermediate Reynolds number

Vol.60 (2005) Pages 231-238

Parichay K. Das, J. Legrand, P. Morançais and G. Carnelle


Volume 60, Issues 8-9, Pages 2099-2533 (April-May 2005)

5th International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes (ISMIP5)

Edited by P. A. Tanguy, J. Bertrand, C. Xuereb


Innovative studies in industrial mixing processes

Page 2099

Philippe A. Tanguy, Joël Bertrand and Catherine Xuereb


Emulsion processing—from single-drop deformation to design of complex processes and products

Pages 2101-2113

E.J. Windhab, M. Dressler, K. Feigl, P. Fischer and D. Megias-Alguacil


Scale-up effects in coalescing dispersions—comparison of liquid–liquid systems differing in interface mobility  

Pages 2115-2125

Wioletta Podgórska


More efficient preparation of parenteral emulsions or how to improve a pharmaceutical recipe by formulation engineering  

Pages 2127-2134

I. Cuéllar, J. Bullón, A.M. Forgarini, A. Cárdenas and M.I. Briceño


Model reduction for prediction of silver halide precipitation  

Pages 2135-2153

Suzanne Kresta, Gary Anthieren and Katrin Parsiegla


Effects of convection, feed-separation and macro-mixing on particle size distributions for double-jet semi-batch precipitation in a stirred vessel  

Pages 2155-2165

M. Kagoshima and R. Mann


Effects of fluid motion and mixing on particle agglomeration and coating during precipitation  

Pages 2167-2178

Jerzy Bałdyga and Magdalena Jasińska


Flocculation related to local hydrodynamics in a Taylor–Couette reactor and in a jar  

Pages 2179-2192

C. Coufort, D. Bouyer and A. Liné


Particle formation by turbulent mixing with supercritical antisolvent  

Pages 2193-2201

Marek Henczka, Jerzy Bałdyga and Boris Yu. Shekunov


Numerical modelling of gas–liquid flow in stirred tanks  

Pages 2203-2214

G.L. Lane, M.P. Schwarz and G.M. Evans


Gas–liquid flow generated by a Rushton turbine in stirred vessel: CARPT/CT measurements and CFD simulations  

Pages 2215-2229

A.R. Khopkar, A.R. Rammohan, V.V. Ranade and M.P. Dudukovic


Inverted hollow spinning cone as a device for controlling foam and hold-up in pilot scale gassed agitated fermentation vessels  

Pages 2231-2238

Stuart M. Stocks, Mike Cooke and Peter J. Heggs


A phenomenological model for the gas phase flow in high-aspect-ratio stirred vessels: the role of small bubbles in non-coalescent and moderately viscous liquids  

Pages 2239-2252

Davide Pinelli


Comparison of mixing in two industrial gas–liquid reactors using CFD simulations  

Pages 2253-2272

C. Gentric, D. Mignon, J. Bousquet and P.A. Tanguy


Mixing characteristics of industrial flotation equipment  

Pages 2273-2282

Juan B. Yianatos, Luis G. Bergh, Francisco Díaz and Jorge Rodríguez


Suspension of buoyant particles in a three phase stirred tank  

Pages 2283-2292

Yuyun Bao, Zhigang Hao, Zhengming Gao, Litian Shi and J.M. Smith


Determination of mixing time and degree of homogeneity in stirred vessels with large eddy simulation  

Pages 2293-2302

S.L. Yeoh, G. Papadakis and M. Yianneskis


Large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow in an unbaffled stirred tank driven by a Rushton turbine  

Pages 2303-2316

Raul Alcamo, Giorgio Micale, Franco Grisafi, Alberto Brucato and Michele Ciofalo


Observations on the significance of instabilities turbulence and intermittent motions on fluid mixing processes in stirred reactors  

Pages 2317-2331

C. Galletti, A. Paglianti and M. Yianneskis


Intensifying micromixing in a semi-batch reactor using a Rushton turbine  

Pages 2333-2339

Melissa Assirelli, Waldemar Bujalski, A. Eaglesham and A.W. Nienow


Hydrodynamic effects on mixing and competitive reactions in laboratory reactors  

Pages 2341-2354

Otute Akiti, Agnes Yeboah, Ge Bai and Piero M. Armenante


Comparative study of different mixing strategies in small high throughput experimentation reactors  

Pages 2355-2368

J.F. Hall, M. Barigou, M.J.H. Simmons and E.H. Stitt


Stirring of a liquid in a stirred tank with an eccentrically located impeller  

Pages 2369-2380

Joanna Karcz, Magdalena Cudak and Jolanta Szoplik


Study of mixing and chemical reaction in RIM  

Pages 2381-2398

Ricardo J. Santos, André M. Teixeira and José Carlos B. Lopes


Suspension yield stress and the dynamic response of agitated pulp chests  

Pages 2399-2408

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Chad P.J. Bennington and Guy A. Dumont


Mixing rheometry for studying the manufacture of lubricating greases  

Pages 2409-2418

J.M. Franco, M.A. Delgado, C. Valencia, M.C. Sánchez and C. Gallegos


Radical polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide—use of supercritical carbon dioxide as a mixing assistant  

Pages 2419-2426

Kazuhiko Nishi, Yasuhiro Morikawa, Ryuta Misumi and Meguru Kaminoyama


CFD simulations and experimental validation of homogenisation curves and mixing time in stirred Newtonian and pseudoplastic liquids  

Pages 2427-2437

Giuseppina Montante, Michal Moštěk, Milan Jahoda and Franco Magelli


Heat transfer and power consumption for ribbon impellers. Mixing efficiency  

Pages 2439-2448

A. Niedzielska and Cz. Kuncewicz


Experimental visualization of mixing pathologies in laminar stirred tank bioreactors  

Pages 2449-2457

M.M. Alvarez, A. Guzmán and M. Elías


In situ assembly using a continuous chaotic advection blending process of electrically conducting networks in carbon black-thermoplastic extrusions  

Pages 2459-2467

V.A. Chougule and D.A. Zumbrunnen


LIF measurements of blending in static mixers in the turbulent and transitional flow regimes  

Pages 2469-2478

R. Wadley and M.K. Dawson


Micromixers—a review on passive and active mixing principles  

Pages 2479-2501

Volker Hessel, Holger Löwe and Friedhelm Schönfeld


Design of micromixers using CFD modelling  

Pages 2503-2516

J. Aubin, D.F. Fletcher and C. Xuereb


DEM-based models for the mixing of granular materials  

Pages 2517-2531

F. Bertrand, L.-A. Leclaire and G. Levecque


Handbook of Industrial Mixing, Science and Practice. In: E.L. Paul, V.A. Atiemo-Obeng and S.M. Kresta, Editors, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ (2003) ISBN 0-471-26919-0 Hardcover, 1440pp, USD 160.00.  • BOOK REVIEW

Page 2533

Philippe A. Tanguy, Joel Bertrand and Catherine Xuereb




Experimental evaluation of gas mixing with a static microstructure mixer  

Pages 2955-2962

Katja Haas-Santo, Peter Pfeifer, Klaus Schubert, Torsten Zech and Dieter Hönicke


Reynolds number scaling of flow in a Rushton turbine stirred tank. Part I—Mean flow, circular jet and tip vortex scaling  

Pages 3169-3183

H.S. Yoon, D.F. Hill, S. Balachandar, R.J. Adrian and M.Y. Ha


Reynolds number scaling of flow in a stirred tank with Rushton turbine. Part II — Eigen decomposition of fluctuation  

Pages 3185-3198

R. Raju, S. Balachandar, D.F. Hill and R.J. Adrian


Investigation of alternating-flow mixing in microchannels  

Pages 3453-3467

J.M. MacInnes, Z. Chen and R.W.K. Allen


Prediction of phase inversion in agitated vessels using a two-region model  

Pages 3487-3495

Bin Hu, Panagiota Angeli, Omar K. Matar and Geoffrey F. Hewitt


Wet granulation in a batch high shear mixer  

Pages 3763-3775

K. Saleh, L. Vialatte and P. Guigon


Structure of powder flow in a planetary mixer during wet-mass granulation  

Pages 3805-3816

B.F.C. Laurent


Intermittency and fine structure of velocity fluctuations arising in flow-pattern transitions in stirred tanks  

Pages 4736-4748

S. Cerbelli, M. Giona, A. Paglianti and S. Pintus


Eulerian–Lagrangian simulations of liquid–gas–solid flows in three-phase slurry reactors  

Pages 5089-5104

Xinyu Zhang and Goodarz Ahmadi


Monitoring stability of reaction and dispersion states in a suspension polymerization reactor using electrical resistance tomography measurements  

Pages 5513-5518

Meguru Kaminoyama, Syuzo Taguchi, Ryuta Misumi and Kazuhiko Nishi


Advantages of the hollow (concave) turbine for multi-phase agitation under intense operating conditions  

Pages 5529-5543

Mike Cooke and Peter J. Heggs


An arrangement of ideal zones with shifting boundaries as a way to model mixing processes in unsteady stirring conditions in agitated vessels  

Pages 5544-5554

J.-Y. Dieulot, N. Petit, P. Rouchon and G. Delaplace


A general correlation for pressure drop in a Kenics static mixer  

Pages 5696-5704

Hyun-Seob Song and Sang Phil Han


Bubble sizes in agitated air–alcohol systems with and without particles: Turbulent and transitional flow  

Pages 6371-6377

B. Hu, A.W. Pacek, E.H. Stitt and A.W. Nienow


Using in-line static mixers to intensify gas–liquid mass transfer processes  

Pages 6378-6390

A.M. Al Taweel, J. Yan, F. Azizi, D. Odedra and H.G. Gomaa


A PIV study of hydrodynamics in gas–liquid high throughput experimentation (HTE) reactors with eccentric impeller configurations  

Pages 6403-6413

J.F. Hall, M. Barigou, M.J.H. Simmons and E.H. Stitt


Energy dissipation and macro instabilities in a stirred square tank investigated using an LE PIV approach and LDA measurements  

Pages 6844-6856

J. Kilander and A. Rasmuson


Numerical simulation of turbulent solid–liquid two-phase flow and orientation of slender particles in a stirred tank  

Pages 7045-7056

Long Fan, Zaisha Mao and Yundong Wang


Granular flow and segregation in a four-bladed mixer  

Pages 7091-7107

Stephen L. Conway, Azzeddine Lekhal, Johannes G. Khinast and Benjamin J. Glasser







大森 , 石井靖之, 庄野 , 佐藤一省

Vol. 31 (2005), No. 1, 1-6


オリジナルバッフルを備えた改良型アンカー翼(NX Mixer)の性能評価

加藤禎人, 多田 , 長津雄一郎, 佐藤裕子, 岩崎雄志, 松田健次, 岩石真一, 平岡節郎 

Vol. 31 (2005), No. 1, 159-167



仁志和彦, 鈴木康夫, 上ノ山周, 上和野満雄

Vol. 31 (2005), No. 5, 308-316 



大原 , 白井正記, 庄野 , 佐藤一省

Vol. 31 (2005), No. 6, 388-393



加藤禎人, 多田 , 渡辺祥子, 長津雄一郎, 岩田修一, 泳世, 承台

Vol. 31 (2005), No. 6, 394-398