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AIChE Journal


Stokes flow through a single-screw extruder

53(1), 69-77(2007)

M. G. Blyth, C. Pozrikidis


Vortex tracking and mixing enhancement in stirred processes

53(2), 305-315(2007)

A. Ducci, M. Yianneskis


Bubble trapping and coalescence at the baffles in stirred tank reactors

53(9), 2232-2239(2007)

Rahman Sudiyo, Bengt Andersson



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering


LDA Velocity Measurements of High-Viscosity Fluids in Mixing Vessel with Vane Geometry Impeller

Lidija Slemenik Perse, Tom Bajcar, Brane Sirok and Miha Zumer

85(6), 817-824(2007)



Chemical Engineering Science


Modelling local bubble size distributions in agitated vessels

Marko Laakkonen, Pasi Moilanen, Ville Alopaeus and Juhani Aittamaa

62(3), 721-740(2007)


Investigation of a rotating disc reactor for acetone stripping and asymmetric transfer hydrogenation: Modelling and experiments

M. Zanfir, X. Sun and A. Gavriilidis

62(3), 741-755(2007)


Solids motion in a conical frustum-shaped high shear mixer granulator

B.H. Ng, C.C. Kwan, Y.L. Ding, M. Ghadiri and X.F. Fan

62(3), 756-765(2007)


Dimensional analysis for planetary mixer: Mixing time and Reynolds numbers

G.Delaplace, R.K.Thakur, L.Bouvier, C.Andre and C.Torrez

62(5), 1442-1447(2007)


Scale-up behaviour in stirred square flocculation tanks

J. Kilander, S. Blomström and A. Rasmuson

62(6), 1606-1618(2007)


Mass transfer correlations for multiple-impeller gas–liquid contactors. Analysis of the effect of axial dispersion in gas and liquid phases on “local” kLa values measured by the dynamic pressure method in individual stages of the vessel

M. Fujasová, V. Linek and T. Moucha

62(6), 1650-1669(2007)


Comparative study of the mixing of free-flowing particles in a V-blender and a bin-blender

M. Lemieux, F. Bertrand, J. Chaouki and P. Gosselin

62(6), 1783-1802(2007)


An experimental and computational study of the vortex shape in a partially baffled agitated vessel

Jean-Philippe Torré, David F. Fletcher, Thierry Lasuye and Catherine Xuereb

62(7), 1915-1926(2007)


Viscoplastic fluid mixing in a rotating tank

Frédéric Savreux, Pascal Jay and Albert Magnin

62(8), 2290-2301(2007)


Measurement of the velocity field and frictional properties of wet masses in a high shear mixer

Anders Darelius, Elin Lennartsson, Anders Rasmuson, Ingela Niklasson Björn and Staffan Folestad

62(9), 2366-2374(2007)


Numerical characterisation of folding flow microchannel mixers

J.M. MacInnes, A. Vikhansky and R.W.K. Allen

62(10), 2718-2727(2007)


A general method for quantifying dispersion in multiscale systems using trajectory analysis

T.W. Martin, J.P.K. Seville and D.J. Parker

62(13), 3419-3428(2007)


Multi-scale modeling of a mixing-precipitation process in a semibatch stirred tank

Lars Vicum and Marco Mazzotti

62(13), 3513-3527(2007)


Hydrodynamics characterization of the Maxblend impeller

Arash Iranshahi, Christophe Devals, Mourad Heniche, Louis Fradette, Philippe A. Tanguy and Katsuhide Takenaka

62(14), 3641-3653(2007)


The role of small bubbles in gas–liquid mass transfer in stirred vessels and assessment of a two-fraction model for noncoalescent or moderately viscous liquids

D. Pinelli

62(14), 3767-3776(2007)


Hollow self-inducing impellers: Flow visualization and CFD simulation

B.N. Murthy, N.A. Deshmukh, A.W. Patwardhan and J.B. Joshi

62(14), 3839-3848(2007)


Experimental and numerical investigation of liquid circulation induced by a bubble plume in a baffled tank

Anil Balleda, S. Pushpavanam and Abhijit Deshpande

62(17), 4689-4704(2007)


CFD simulation of accidents in industrial batch stirred tank reactors

A. Milewska and E.J. Molga

62(18), 4920-4925(2007)


LDA measurements of near wall powder velocities in a high shear mixer

Anders Darelius, Anders Rasmuson, Ingela Niklasson Björn and Staffan Folestad

62(21), 5770-5776(2007)


Single and multiphase CFD approaches for modelling partially baffled stirred vessels: Comparison of experimental data with numerical predictions

Jean-Philippe Torré, David F. Fletcher, Thierry Lasuye and Catherine Xuereb

62(22), 6246-6262(2007)


Dispersion of high-viscosity liquid–liquid systems by flow through SMX static mixer elements

N.V. Rama Rao, M.H.I. Baird, A.N. Hrymak and P.E. Wood

62(23), 6885-6896(2007)


CFD simulations of gas–liquid–solid stirred reactor: Prediction of critical impeller speed for solid suspension

B.N. Murthy, R.S. Ghadge and J.B. Joshi

62(24), 7184-7195(2007)



Chemical Engineering & Technology


Using CFD and Ultrasonic velocimetry to Study the Mixing of Pseudoplastic Fluids with a Helical Ribbon Impeller

30(5), 606-614(2007)

I. Ihejirika, F. Ein-Mozaffari


Mass Transfer Coefficients in Mechanically Agitated Gas-Liquid Contactors

30(7), 829-834(2007)

J. Markopoulos, C. Christofi, I. Katsinaris


Application of the Radial Basis Neural Network to Optimization of a Micromixer

30(7), 962-966(2007)

M. A. Ansari, K.-Y. Kim


Gas Hold-Up Evaluation Using the Analytical Solution of the Axial Dispersion Model: Comparison with Static Measurement Results

30(8), 1020-1027(2007)

H. Veverková-Majírová, D. Pinelli, F. Magelli, N. Siyakatshana, V. Kudrna, V. Macho


Emulsion Liquid Membrane Pertraction of Zinc and Copper: Analysis of Emulsion Formation using Computational Fluid Dynamics

30(9), 1212-1220(2007)

K. Ganesh Prasadh, S. Venkatesan, K. M. Meera Sheriffa Begum, N. Anantharaman


Simulation of Barium Sulfate Precipitation using CFD and FM-PDF Modeling in a Continuous Stirred Tank

30(12), 1642-1649(2007)

Z. Wang, Q. H. Zhang, C. Yang, Z.-S. Mao, X. Q. Shen


Determination of Mixing Times with Helical Ribbon Impeller for Non-Newtonian Viscous Fluids Using an Advanced Imaging Method

30(12), 1686-1691(2007)

R. P. Chhabra, L. Bouvier, G. Delaplace, G. Cuvelier, S. Domenek, C. André


A Digital Imaging Technique for the Analysis of Local Inhomogeneities from Agitated Vessels

30(12), 1692-1699(2007)

O. Visuri, M. Laakkonen, J. Aittamaa



Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research


Three-Dimensional Analysis of Flow and Mixing Characteristics of a Novel In-Line Opposing-Jet Mixer

S. J. Wang and A. S. Mujumdar

46(2), 632 - 642(2007)


Concentrated Bitumen-in-Water Emulsification in Coaxial Mixers

Jean-Philippe Gingras, Louis Fradette, Philippe Tanguy, and Eric Jorda

46(6), 1818 - 1825(2007)


Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of a Bench-scale Pump-Mixer: Head, Power and Residence Time Distribution

K. K. Singh, S. M. Mahajani, K. T. Shenoy, and S. K. Ghosh

46(7), 2180 - 2190(2007)


Inline Bitumen Emulsification Using Static Mixers

Jean-Philippe Gingras, Louis Fradette, Philippe Tanguy, and Jacques Bousquet

46(8), 2618 - 2627(2007)


Mixed Solids Distribution in Stirred Vessels: Experiments and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Giuseppina Montante and Franco Magelli

46(9), 2885 - 2891(2007)


Numerical and Experimental Study of a Dual-Shaft Coaxial Mixer with Viscous Fluids

Maya Farhat, Christian Rivera, Louis Fradette, Mourad Heniche, and Philippe A. Tanguy

46(24), 5021 - 5031(2007)


Gas-Liquid Dispersion with Buoyant Particles in a Hot-Sparged Stirred Tank

Yuyun Bao, Zhengming Gao, Xiaohua Huang, Litian Shi, John M. Smith, and Rex B. Thorpe

46(20),6605 - 6611(2007)


Modeling Local Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Agitated Viscous Shear-Thinning Dispersions with CFD

Pasi Moilanen, Marko Laakkonen, Olli Visuri, and Juhani Aittamaa

46(22), 7289 - 7299(2007)


Modeling of the Complex Mixing Process in Internal Mixers

Laurent Adragna, Françoise Couenne, Philippe Cassagnau, and Christian Jallut

46(22), 7328 - 7339(2007)


Large-eddy Simulation of Single-phase Flow Dynamics and Mixing in an Industrial Crystallizer

J. J. Derksen, K. Kontomaris, J. B. McLaughlin and H. E. A. Van den Akker

85(2), 169-179(2007)





Instantaneous Successive Particle Collisions with an Impeller in a Stirred Tank

Mio Isaji, Shinichi Ookawara and Kohei Ogawa

40(1), 12-16 (2007)


Improving Gas Distribution through Agitator and Gas Sparger Modification in an Autoclave Model

Mohamed Nabil Noui-Mehidi, Yonggang Zhu and Jie Wu

40(3), 213-216(2007)


Bubble Size Distribution near the Vessel Wall in a Gas Sparged Vessel Agitated by Pitched Blade Paddle Up-Pumping

Taku Nishio and Koji Takahashi

40(4), 312-318(2007)


Mass Transfer Characteristics by Surface Aeration of Large Paddle Impeller: Application to a Polymerization Reactor with Liquid Level Change

Ryuichi Yatomi, Katsuhide Takenaka, Koji Takahashi and Philippe A. Tanguy



Special Issue for Recent Progress on Mixing Technology  Vol. 40 (2007) , No. 8


Recent Advance in Chaotic Mixing in a Mixing Equipment


Koji Takahashi


Transport Phenomena around Cylindrical Baffles in an Agitated Vessel Measured by an Electrochemical Method


Yoshihito Kato, Noboru Kamei, Yutaka Tada, Yushi Iwasaki, Yuichiro Nagatsu, Shuichi Iwata, Young-Sei Lee and Song-Tae Koh


The Influence of the Bottom Shape of an Agitated Vessel Stirred by Dual Impellers on the Distribution of Solid Concentration


Shin-ichi Kondo, Mitsunori Motoda, Koji Takahashi and Hiro Horiguchi


Development of a New Swirling Micro Mixer for Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nano-Size Particles


Yuichiro Wakashima, Akira Suzuki, Shin-ichiro Kawasaki, Keitaro Matsui and Yukiya Hakuta


Experimental and CFD Studies of a Fluid Flow in a Draft-Tube Stirred Tank


Jian Min, Xinqiu Li, Zhengming Gao, Shixin Xiao, John M. Smith and Rex B. Thorpe


Mixing Effects on Particle Size Distribution in Semi-Batch Reactive Crystallization of Maneb


Emadoddin Abbasi and Abdolmohammad Alamdari


Numerical Analysis of the Mixing Process of a Heterogeneously Viscous System with High Concentration Slurry Liquids in a Stirred Vessel


Meguru Kaminoyama, Kazuhiko Nishi, Ryuta Misumi, Tomoyuki Inoue and Hiroshi Takeda


Experimental Investigation and Validation of Mixing and Segregation Behavior of Granular Flow in a Sectorial Container


Ajit Mujumdar, Masayuki Horio, P. S. Robi, Rahul Swarnkar and Moinuddin Malik


Correlation of the Mixing Process and the Power Consumption of Double-Blade Kneaders


Kazuhiko Nishi, Kinya Matsuda, Yasuo Suzuki, Ryuta Misumi, Mitsuo Kamiwano and Meguru Kaminoyama


Universal Expression of Tangential Velocity Distribution near Side Wall of a Fully Turbulent Agitated Vessel without Baffles


Setsuro Hiraoka, Katsumi Shiobara, Yoshihito Kato, Shuichi Iwata, Yutaka Tada, Takao Yamaguchi and Masaaki Yamamura


Relationship between the Dispersed Droplet Diameter and the Mean Power Input for Emulsification in Three Different Types of Motionless Mixers


Tatsumi Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Kawasaki and Hidehiro Kumazawa


Mixing Characteristics in the Horizontal Non-Baffled Stirred Vessel in Low Viscosity Fluid


Honghai Xiao and Koji Takahashi


Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Fields in Vessels Stirred by Dual Rushton Impeller Agitators


Zhipeng Li, Zhengming Gao, John M. Smith and Rex B. Thorpe



Gas Dispersion in Horizontal Non-Baffled Stirred Vessel with Rushton Turbine

Honghai Xiao and Koji Takahashi

40(9), 718-723(2007)


Estimation of Boundary Layer Thickness at Side Wall of a Fully Turbulent Agitated Vessel without Baffles

Katsumi Shiobara, Setsuro Hiraoka, Yoshihito Kato, Shuichi Iwata, Yutaka Tada, Takao Yamaguchi and Masaaki Yamamura

40(10), 793-804(2007) 


Intensification of Mixing

Jie Wu, L. J. Graham and N. Noui-Mehidi

40(11), 890-895(2007)


Effect of Periodical Injection for the Intensification of Mixing Process 

Keita Okuda, Yuusuke Sugikawa and Toshihisa Ueda




Transactions IChemE Part A(Chemical Engineering Research and Design )


Large-eddy Simulation of Single-phase Flow Dynamics and Mixing in an Industrial Crystallizer

J. J. Derksen, K. Kontomaris, J. B. McLaughlin and H. E. A. Van den Akker

85(2), 169-179(2007)


Liquid/Liquid Viscous Dispersions with a SMX Static Mixer

Fradette L., Tanguy P., Li H. -Z. and Choplin L.

85(3), 395-405(2007)


Special Issue 85(5): 12th European Conference on Mixing


Vortex Identification Methodology for Feed Insertion Guidance in Fluid Mixing Processes

Ducci A. and Yianneskis M.



Mixing in a Model Bioreactor Using Agitators with a High Solidity Ratio and Deep Blades

Simmons M. J. H., Zhu H., Bujalski W., Hewitt C. J. and Nienow A. W.



Reconstruction of 3-D Flow Field Inside Miniature Stirred Vessels Using a 2-D PIV Technique

Chung K. H. K., Barigou M. and Simmons M. J. H.



Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Power Consumption for Mixing of High Viscosity Fluids with a Co-axial Mixer

Rudolph L., Schäfer M., Atiemo-Obeng V. and Kraume M.



Performance of Chaotic Mixing Caused by Reciprocating a Disk in a Cylindrical Vessel

Hirata Y., Dote T., Yoshioka T., Komoda Y. and Inoue Y.



Hydrodynamics performance of a dual shaft mixer with viscous Newtonian liquids

Cabaret F., Rivera C., Fradette L., Heniche M. and Tanguy P. A.



Measuring Flow Velocity in Pulp Suspension Mixing Using Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry

Authors: Ein-Mozaffari F., Bennington C. P. J., Dumont G. A. and Buckingham D.



CFD Analysis of Caverns and Pseudo-caverns Developed During Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Adams L. W. and Barigou M.



Determination of the Segregation Index to Sense the Mixing Quality of Pilotand Production-scale Microstructured Mixers

Men Y., Hessel V., Löb P., Löwe H., Werner B. and Baier T.



Mixing, Flow and Chemical Reaction of Partially Miscible Components in Microscale Channels

Nauman E. B. and Nigam A.



CFD Modelling of Liquid Homogenization in Stirred Tanks with One and Two Impellers Using Large Eddy Simulation

Jahoda M., Mos˘te˘k M., Kukuková A. and Machon˘ V.



Transient Hydrodynamics and Free Surface Capture of an Under-baffled Stirred Tank During Stopping

Torré J. P., Fletcher D. F., Lasuye T. and Xuereb C.



Modelling and Simulation of Gas—Liquid Hydrodynamics in Mechanically Stirred Tanks

Scargiali F., D'Orazio A., Grisafi F. and Brucato A.



Experimental Analysis and Computational Modelling of Gas—Liquid Stirred Vessels

Montante G., Paglianti A. and Magelli F.



Air Entrainment in Baffled Stirred Tanks

Bhattacharya S., Hebert D. and Kresta S. M.



Modelling Local Gas—Liquid Mass Transfer in Agitated Vessels

Laakkonen M., Moilanen P., Alopaeus V. and Aittamaa J.



Dispersion of Nano-particle Clusters Using Mixed Flow and High Shear Impellers in Stirred Tanks

Xie L., Rielly C. D., Eagles W. and Özcan-Taşkin G.



The Effect of Bottom Roughness on the Minimum Agitator Speed Required to Just Fully Suspend Particles in a Stirred Vessel

Ghionzoli A., Bujalski W., Grenville R. K., Nienow A. W., Sharpe R. W. and Paglianti A.



Mixing with Intermittent Jets with Application in Handling Radioactive Waste Sludges

Meyer P. A. and Etchells A. W.



Multi-Scale Simulations of Stirred Liquid–Liquid Dispersions

Derksen J. J. and Van Den Akker H. E. A.



Experimental Investigations and Modelling of Breakage Phenomena in Stirred Liquid/Liquid Systems.

Maaß S., Gäbler A., Zaccone A., Paschedag A. R. and Kraume M.



Modelling the Mixing and Dissolution Kinetics of Partially Miscible Liquids

Ibemere S. and Kresta S.



Influence of Dispersed Phase Viscosity on Drop Coalescence in Turbulent Flow

Podgórska W.



The Formation of Stable W/O, O/W, W/O/W Cosmetic Emulsions in an Ultrasonic Field

Tal-Figiel B.



CFD Modelling of Nano-particle Precipitation in Confined Impinging Jet Reactors

Gavi E., Rivautella L., Marchisio D. L., Vanni M., Barresi A. A. and Baldi G.



Double-feed Semibatch Precipitation: Effects of Mixing

Bałdyga J., Makowski Ł. and Orciuch W.



CFD Modelling of Turbulent Drop Breakage in a Kenics Static Mixer and Comparison with Experimental Data

Jaworski Z., Pianko-Oprych P., Marchisio D. L. and Nienow A. W.



Intensifying Mass Transfer Between Immiscible Liquids Using Screen-Type Static Mixers

Al Taweel A. M., Li C., Gomaa H. G. and Yuet P.



Hydrodynamics of a Dual Shaft Mixer with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids

Khopkar A. R., Fradette L. and Tanguy P. A.

85(6), 863-871(2007)


Characterization of Mixing Patterns in a Coaxial Mixer

Bonnot S., Cabaret F., Fradette L. and Tanguy P. A.

85(8), 1129-1135(2007)


Laminar and Slurry Blending Characteristics of a Dual Shaft Impeller System

Pour S. Barar, Fradette L. and Tanguy P. A.

85(9), 1305-1313(2007)


Mixing Study in Batch Stirred Vessels Using a Fibre-optic UV-VIS Monitoring Technique: A Novel Method

Ng D. J. W. and Assirelli M.

85(10), 1348-1354(2007)


Power and Mixing Time Study Involving a Maxblend® Impeller with Viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids

Fradette L., Thomé G., Tanguy P. A. and Takenaka K.

85(11), 1514-1523(2007)


Comparison of Mixing Technologies for the Production of Concentrated Emulsions

Fradette L., Brocart B. and Tanguy P. A.

85(11), 1553-1560(2007)






加藤 禎人, 多田 , 昌子, 長津 雄一郎, 柳本 和司

33(1), 16-19(2007)



井上 義朗, 貴子, 小野 将史, 平田 雄志

33(2), 85-91(2007)



加藤 禎人, 多田 , 佐藤 裕子, 原田 , 長津 雄一郎, 中谷 哲治

33(3), 195-200(2007)



貴子, 平田 雄志, 井上 義朗

33(3), 201-207(2007)



塩原 克己, 平岡 節郎, 加藤 禎人, 岩田 修一, 山口 隆生, 山村 正明

33(4), 281-287(2007)



塩原 克己, 平岡 節郎, 加藤 禎人, 岩田 修一, 山口 隆生, 山村 正明

33(4), 288-293(2007)



出口 雅紀, 新井 和吉, 康隆, 岩原 光男, 長松 昭男

33(4), 300-305(2007)