ミキシング関連文献リスト                   (2008年)


AIChE Journal     Vol.54(2008)



CFD modeling of pump-mix action in continuous flow stirred tank (p 42-55)

K. K. Singh, S. M. Mahajani, K. T. Shenoy, S. K. Ghosh


The iodide iodate method to characterize microstructured mixing devices (p 639-645)

A. Kölbl, M. Kraut, K. Schubert


A simple model for power consumption in gassed and boiling stirred vessels (p 646-656)

Alessandro Paglianti, Maria Fujasova, Giuseppina Montante


Hydrodynamics of the mixing chamber in RIM: PIV flow-field characterization (p 1153-1163)

Ricardo J. Santos, Ertugrul Erkoç, Madalena M. Dias, André M. Teixeira, José Carlos B. Lopes


Scalar mixing by granular particles (p 1741-1747)

J. J. Derksen


Large eddy simulation of the gas-liquid flow in a stirred tank (p 1963-1974)

Yanhong Zhang, Chao Yang, Zai-Sha Mao


Numerical characterization of three-dimensional serpentine micromixers (p 1999-2008)

Jang Min Park, Tai Hun Kwon


Optimizing the rotated arc mixer (p 2809-2822)

Mrityunjay K. Singh, Patrick D. Anderson, Michel F. M. Speetjens, Han E. H. Meijer



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering   Vol.86(2008)



Solids suspension agitation in square tanks (110-116)

E.T.Mitchell, K.J.Myers, E.E.Janz and J.B. Fasano


Liquuid flow in impeller region of an unbaffled agitated vessel with an angulary oscillating impeller(160-167)

M.Yoshida, T.Hiura, K.Yamagiwa, A.Ohkawa and S.Tezura


Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel under two-flow (water-petroleum) simulated by turbulently agitated system (240-248)

Q.J.M.Slaiman, B.O.Hasan and H.A.Mahmood


Pressure drop and mixing behavior of non-Newtonian  fluids in a static mixing unit (684-692)

G.Kumar and S.N.Upadhyay


Determination of minimum speed required for solids suspension in stirred vessels using pressure measurements (661-666)

Y.S.Selima, Y.S.Fangary and H.A.Mahmood


Mechanisms of solids drawdown in stirred tanks (622-634)

O.Khazam and S.M.Kresta



Chemical Engineering Science  Vol.63(2008)



Macro- and micromixing studies in an unbaffled vessel agitated by a Rushton turbine

Pages 35-46

Melissa Assirelli, Waldemar Bujalski, Archie Eaglesham, Alvin W. Nienow


Two observer-based nonlinear control approaches for temperature control of a class of continuous stirred tank reactors

Pages 395-403

Shahin Salehi, Mohammad Shahrokhi


Gas–liquid mass transfer in unbaffled dual-impeller mixers

Pages 1636-1647

F. Cabaret, L. Fradette, P.A. Tanguy


Coiled flow inverter as inline mixer

Pages 1724-1732

M.Mridha and K.D.P.Nigam


The axial dispersion performance of an oscillatory flow meso-reactor with relevance to continuous flow operation

Pages 1788-1799

Mingzhi Zheng, Malcolm Mackley


Fluids mixing in devices with connected-groove channels

Pages 1871-1881

Jing-Tang Yang, Wei-Feng Fang, Kai-Yang Tung


X-ray computed tomography of a gas-sparged stirred-tank reactor

Pages 2075-2085

Jason J. Ford, Theodore J. Heindel, Terrence C. Jensen, Joshua B. Drake


Gas–liquid flow and bubble size distribution in stirred tanks

Pages 2107-2118

G. Montante, D. Horn, A. Paglianti


CFD simulation of the high shear mixing process using kinetic theory of granular flow and frictional stress models

Pages 2188-2197

Anders Darelius, Anders Rasmuson, Berend van Wachem, Ingela Niklasson Björn, Staffan Folestad


Shortstopping and jet mixers in preventing runaway reactions

Pages 2283-2293

D. Dakshinamoorthy, J.F. Louvar


Using electrical resistance tomography and computational fluid dynamics modeling to study the formation of cavern in the mixing of pseudoplastic fluids possessing yield stress

Pages 2508-2522

Leila Pakzad, Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Philip Chan


Fabrication and fluidic characterization of static micromixers made of low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC)

Pages 2773-2784

G.A. Groß, T. Thelemann, S. Schneider, D. Boskovic, J.M. Köhler


Mixing in a multi-inlet vortex mixer (MIVM) for flash nano-precipitation

Pages 2829-2842

Ying Liu, Chungyin Cheng, Ying Liu, Robert K. Prud’homme, Rodney O. Fox


Numerical simulations of the reactive mixing in a commercially operated stirred ethoxylation reactor

Pages 3008-3023

Y.N. Chiu, J. Naser, K.F. Ngian, K.C. Pratt


Bubbling process in stirred tank reactors I: Agitator effect on bubble size, formation and rising

Pages 3212-3222

Mariano Martín, Francisco J. Montes, Miguel A. Galán


Bubbling process in stirred tank reactors II: Agitator effect on the mass transfer rates

Pages 3223-3234

Mariano Martín, Francisco J. Montes, Miguel A. Galán


CFD simulation of liquid-phase mixing in solid–liquid stirred reactor

Pages 3877-3885

G.R. Kasat, A.R. Khopkar, V.V. Ranade, A.B. Pandit


Comments on article “Hollow self-inducing impellers: Flow visualization and CFD simulation” by B.N. Murthy, N.A. Deshmukh, A.W. Patwardhan and J.B. Joshi

Page 4030

Ivan Fořt


Experimental characterization and multi-scale modeling of mixing in static mixers

Pages 4135-4149

Christian Lindenberg, Jochen Schöll, Lars Vicum, Marco Mazzotti, Jörg Brozio


On the main flow features and instabilities in an unbaffled vessel agitated with an eccentrically located impeller

Pages 4494-4505

Chiara Galletti, Elisabetta Brunazzi


Mechanism of gas absorption enhancement in presence of fine solid particles in mechanically agitated gas–liquid dispersion. Effect of molecular diffusivity

Pages 5120-5128

V. Linek, M. Kordač, M. Soni


Dimensionless number for identification of flow patterns inside a T-micromixer

Pages 5291-5297

A. Soleymani, H. Yousefi, I. Turunen


Assessment of standard k–ε, RSM and LES turbulence models in a baffled stirred vessel agitated by various impeller designs

Pages 5468-5495

B.N. Murthy, J.B. Joshi



Chemical Engineering & Technology  Vol.31(2008)



Scaling Up of the Geometrically Similar Unbaffled Circular Tank Surface Aerators (p 287-293)

A. R. K. Rao, B. Kumar


Mixing of Jets in Cross Flow after Double Rows of Radial Injections (p 294-300)

A. Nirmolo, H. Woche, E. Specht


Interrelation of Flooding and Complete Dispersion in Agitated Gas-Liquid Contactors (p 1031-1034)

E. Babalona, J. Markopoulos


Surfactant Effects on Aeration Performance of Stirred Tank Reactors (p 1494-1500)

M. Martinov, F. Gancel, P. Jacques, I. Nikov, S. Vlaev


Simplified Calculation of Mixing and Suspending Processes in Agitated Vessels - Part I: Basis of The Model (p 1685-1695)

R. Lohse, B. Platzer


Simplified Calculation of Mixing and Suspending Processes in Agitated Vessels - Part II: Examples of Application (p 1799-1805)

R. Lohse, B. Platzer


New Turbine Impellers for Viscous Mixing (p 1806-1815)

F. Cabaret, L. Fradette, P. A. Tanguy



Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research   Vol.47(2008)



Gas Dispersion and Solid Suspension in a Hot Sparged Multi-impeller Stirred Tank

Yuyun Bao, Xinnian Zhang, Zhengming Gao, Lei Chen, Jianfeng Chen, John M. Smith, and Norman F. Kirkby

pp 2049–2055


Aggregation and Disruption Mechanisms of Nanoparticulate Aggregates. 2. Dispersion of Aggregates Using a Motionless Mixer

I. N. Seekkuarachchi and H. Kumazawa

pp 2401–2413


Solid Suspension in a Boiling Stirred Tank with Radial Flow Turbines

Yuyun Bao, Zhengming Gao, Zhipeng Li, Ding Bai, John M. Smith, and Rex B. Thorpe

pp 2420–2427


Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Single and Multiple Impeller Hollow Self-Inducing Reactors

Rupesh B. Kasundra, Anand V. Kulkarni, and Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi

pp 2829–2841


Temperature Effects on Gas Dispersion and Solid Suspension in a Three-Phase Stirred Reactor

Yuyun Bao, Lei Chen, Zhengming Gao, Xinnian Zhang, John M. Smith and Norman F. Kirkby

pp 4270–4277


Effect of Macroinstabilities in Single- and Multiple-Impeller Stirred Tanks

Alessandro Paglianti, Zuohua Liu, Giuseppina Montante and Franco Magelli

pp 4944–4952


Influence of Impeller Type on the Bubble Breakup Process in Stirred Tanks

Mariano Martín, Francisco J. Montes and Miguel A. Galán

pp 6251–6263


Numerical Simulation of Gas Dispersion in an Aerated Stirred Reactor with Multiple Impellers

Jian Min, Yuyun Bao, Lei Chen, Zhengming Gao and John M. Smith

pp 7112–7117






Mixing Mechanism of a Multi-Holed Static Mixer 139-144

Hiroshi Suzuki, Kenji Kubo, Katsutoshi Shoji, Yoshiyuki Komoda and Hiromoto Usui


Estimation of Heat Transfer Coefficient from Universal Expression of Tangential Velocity at Boundary Layer Edge on Side Wall of a Fully Turbulent Agitated Vessel 145-154

Katsumi Shiobara, Setsuro Hiraoka, Yoshihito Kato, Shuichi Iwata, Yutaka Tada, Takao Yamaguchi and Masaaki Yamamura


Distribution of Solid Particles Lighter than Liquid in an Agitated Vessel Stirred by Dual Impellers 155-160

Shin-ichi Kondo, Nobuhiro Yamada and Koji Takahashi


Enhancement of Gas–Liquid Mass Transfer with Unsteadily Forward–Reverse Rotating Multiple Delta Blade Impellers in an Unbaffled Agitated Vessel 547-552

Masanori Yoshida, Masaki Minamoto, Kazuaki Yamagiwa, Akira Ohkawa and Shuichi Tezura


Microbubble Formation by Electrolysis Using a New Mixing Equipment with Low Frequency Vibratory Fins 557-561

Hideki Tsuge, Takamasa Ogawa and Ryushin Ohmasa


Suspension Property of Highly Concentrated Solid Particles Settling in a Draft-Tube Stirred Vessel 939-946

Ryuta Misumi, Makoto Tsukada, Kazuhiko Nishi and Meguru Kaminoyama



Trans. IChemE (Chemical Engineering Research and Design )



A study on the two-phase flow in a stirred tank reactor agitated by a gas-inducing turbine

Pages 75-81

Hristo Vesselinov Hristov, Boden Stephan, Hampel Uwe, Kryk Holger, Hessel Günther, Schmitt Wilfried


The effect of solids on the dense phase gas fraction and gas–liquid mass transfer at conditions close to the heterogeneous regime in a mechanically agitated vessel

Pages 869-882

M. Cooke, P.J. Heggs, T.L. Rodgers


Optimization analysis of the staggered herringbone micromixer based on the slip-driven method

Pages 883-891

Hongjun Song, Xie-Zhen Yin, Dawn J. Bennett


Influence of stirrer type on mixture homogeneity in continuous powder mixing: A model case and a pharmaceutical case

Pages 1027-1037

K. Marikh, H. Berthiaux, C. Gatumel, V. Mizonov, E. Barantseva


Jet injection studies for partially baffled mixing reactors: A general correlation for the jet trajectory and jet penetration depth

Pages 1117-1127

Jean-Philippe Torré, David F. Fletcher, Irea Touche, Thierry Lasuye, Catherine Xuereb


Mixing performance of a chaotic micro-mixer

Pages 1128-1134

A.A. Mouza, C.-M. Patsa, F. Schönfeld


6th International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes

Pages 1311-1312

Catherine Xuereb, Philippe Tanguy


A measure of mixing from Lagrangian tracking and its application to granular and fluid flow systems

Pages 1313-1321

J. Doucet, F. Bertrand, J. Chaouki


LES and URANS simulations of hydrodynamics in mixing tank: Comparison to PIV experiments

Pages 1322-1330

Angélique Delafosse, Alain Line, Jérôme Morchain, Pascal Guiraud


CFD modeling of gas–liquid–solid mechanically agitated contactor

Pages 1331-1344

Ranganathan Panneerselvam, Sivaraman Savithri, Gerald Devasagayam Surender


Mass-transfer characteristics by surface aeration of large paddle impeller: Application to a polymerization reactor with liquid level change

Pages 1345-1349

Ryuichi Yatomi, Katsuhide Takenaka, Koji Takahashi, Philippe A. Tanguy


Mixing and gas dispersion in mineral flotation cells

Pages 1350-1362

G.M. Evans, E. Doroodchi, G.L. Lane, P.T.L. Koh, M.P. Schwarz


Mixing by solid particles

Pages 1363-1368

J.J. Derksen


Deagglomeration processes in high-shear devices

Pages 1369-1381

Jerzy Bałdyga, Łukasz Makowski, Wojciech Orciuch, Caroline Sauter, Heike P. Schuchmann


High-speed visualization of multiphase dispersions in a mixing tank

Pages 1382-1387

Eliane Guevara-López, René Sanjuan-Galindo, Ma. Soledad Córdova-Aguilar, Gabriel Corkidi, Gabriel Ascanio, Enrique Galindo


Surfactant-covered drops between parallel plates

Pages 1388-1396

P.J.A. Janssen, P.D. Anderson


Flow pattern, periodicity and energy dissipation in a batch rotor–stator mixer

Pages 1397-1409

Adi T. Utomo, Michael Baker, Andrzej W. Pacek


A mapping method based on Gaussian quadrature: Application to viscous mixing

Pages 1410-1422

Vincent Stobiac, Mourad Heniche, Christophe Devals, François Bertrand, Philippe Tanguy


In-mixer measurements for describing mixture evolution during concrete mixing

Pages 1423-1433

Bogdan Cazacliu


Mixing analysis of a Newtonian fluid in a 3D planetary pin mixer

Pages 1434-1440

Robin Kay Connelly, James Valenti-Jordan


Novel static mixers for surge dampening

Pages 1441-1446

E. Bruce Nauman, Oliver J. Smith IV


Flow and mixing characteristics of σ-type plate static mixer with splitting and inverse recombination

Pages 1447-1453

Kazuo Ohkawa, Takashi Nakamoto, Yoshiharu Izuka, Yushi Hirata, Yoshiro Inoue


Mixing by rotary jet heads: Indications of the benefits of head rotation under turbulent and transitional flow conditions

Pages 1454-1461

Mikkel Nordkvist, Marie Vognsen, Alvin W. Nienow, John Villadsen, Krist V. Gernaey


Modeling flow and residence time distribution in an industrial-scale reactor with a plunging jet inlet and optional agitation

Pages 1462-1476

Hua Bai, Amber Stephenson, Jorge Jimenez, Dennis Jewell, Paul Gillis



化学工学論文集              Vol.34(2008)



ノンエレメントミキサーにおける周期操作による混合強化の基本特性とその評価法 40-47

島添雅紀, 杉川祐介, 植田利久


マイクロリアクター入口のpHパターニングを利用した反応操作 57-63

萩原秀紀, 平田雄志, 井上義朗


高粘度ニュートン液通気撹拌におけるキャビティ体積 211-216

門叶秀樹, 原田英二, 栗山雅文


相対エントロピーを基にした流れ場の混合能力評価 313-320

柴貴子, 井上義朗


空気取り込み量を考慮した高速揺動撹拌制御 424-431

矢野賢一, 前田将宏


新静止型ミキサー「分散君」の分散特性 545-550

久保建二, 小路克利, 鈴木洋


乱流攪拌槽における固液間物質移動特性 551-556

亀井登, 加藤禎人, 多田豊, 村井孝臣, 安藤淳一


通気攪拌槽におけるディスクタービン羽根面上の圧力分布と形状抵抗 557-561

望月雅文, 佐藤寛之, 土居田勇樹, 齊田靖治, 天沼隆史, 高橋友哉


ボルテックスリングの液体混合に及ぼす効果 562-565

加藤禎人, 多田豊, 原田拡, 長津雄一郎, 中谷哲治