ミキシング関連文献リスト                   (2009年)


AIChE Journal     Vol.55(2009)



Dynamic behavior of the flow field in a RIM machine mixing chamber (p 1338-1351)

Ricardo J. Santos, Ertugrul Erkoç, Madalena M. Dias, José Carlos B. Lopes


Analysis and optimization of low-pressure drop static mixers (p 2208-2216)

Mrityunjay K. Singh, Tae G. Kang, Patrick D. Anderson, Han E. H. Meijer, Andy N. Hrymak


A numerical study of mixing in a microchannel with circular mixing chambers (p 2217-2225)

Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari, Kwang-Yong Kim


NETmix®, a new type of static mixer: Modeling, simulation, macromixing, and micromixing characterization (p 2226-2243)

Paulo E. Laranjeira, António A. Martins, José Carlos B. Lopes, Madalena M. Dias


Analysis of the effect of mixing vane geometry on the flow in an annular centrifugal contactor (p 2244-2259)

Kent E. Wardle, Todd R. Allen, Mark H. Anderson, Ross E. Swaney


Analysis of stirred tanks with two-zone models (p 2545-2552)

Ville Alopaeus, Pasi Moilanen, Marko Laakkonen


Techniques for visualization of cavern boundaries in opaque industrial mixing systems (p 2765-2772)

M. J. H. Simmons, I. Edwards, J. F. Hall, X. Fan, D. J. Parker, E. H. Stitt



Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering   Vol.87(2009)



Effect of impeller clearance on liquid flow within an unbaffled vessel agitated with a forward-reverse rotating impeller (p 832-838)

Masanori Yoshida, Yuma Wakura, Kazuaki Yamagiwa, Akira Ohkawa, Shuichi Tezura


Enhanced mixing of Newtonian fluids in a stirred vessel using impeller speed modulation (p 839-846)

Wei M. Yek, Mohamed N. Noui-Mehidi, Rajarathinam Parthasarathy, Sati N. Bhattacharya, Jie Wu, Naoto Ohmura, Nami Nishioka



Chemical Engineering Science  Vol.64(2009)



Lattice Boltzmann simulation of power-law fluid flow in the mixing section of a single-screw extruder

Pages 52-58

J.M. Buick


Use of angle resolved PIV to estimate local specific energy dissipation rates for up- and down-pumping pitched blade agitators in a stirred tank

Pages 126-143

A. Gabriele, A.W. Nienow, M.J.H. Simmons


Lagrangian marker particle trajectory and microconductivity measurements in a mixing tank

Pages 276-287

D.F. Scofield, Pablo Huq


CFD analysis of turbulence in a baffled stirred tank, a three-compartment model

Pages 351-362

M.H. Vakili, M. Nasr Esfahany


Cavern formation in pulp suspensions using side-entering axial-flow impellers

Pages 509-519

Leo K. Hui, Chad P.J. Bennington, Guy A. Dumont


Improved power and mass transfer correlations for design and scale-up of multi-impeller gas–liquid contactors

Pages 598-604

T. Moucha, V. Linek, K. Erokhin, J.F. Rejl, M. Fujasová


Reply to comments on “Residence time distribution in a co-rotating twin screw extruder”

Page 617

Jean-Pierre Puaux Puaux


Millisecond mixing of liquids using a novel jet nozzle

Pages 812-820

Yinyu Hu, Zhe Liu, Jichu Yang, Yong Jin, Yi Cheng


Mixing efficiency of a multilamination micromixer with consecutive recirculation zones

Pages 1223-1231

Jongkwang Lee, Sejin Kwon


Comments on article, “CFD simulation of liquid-phase mixing in solid–liquid stirred reactor” by G.R. Kasat, A.R. Khopkar, V.V. Ranade, A.B. Pandit

Page 2272

Ivan Fort


CFD simulation of liquid-phase mixing in solid–liquid stirred reactor’ by G.R. Kasat, A.R. Khopkar, V.V. Ranade and A.B. Pandit: Response to the letter by Professor Fort [Chemical Engineering Science 63 (15) (2008) 3877–3885)]

Pages 2273-2274

V.V. Ranade


Determination of the mixing time in a discontinuous powder mixer by using image analysis

Pages 2320-2331

Björn Daumann, Abdelkrim Fath, Harald Anlauf, Hermann Nirschl


Investigation of mixing in a rotor shape modified Taylor-vortex reactor by the means of a chemical test reaction

Pages 2384-2391

Oliver Richter, Markus Menges, Bettina Kraushaar-Czarnetzki


Numerical and experimental studies of mixing characteristics in a T-junction microchannel using residence-time distribution

Pages 2422-2432

John T. Adeosun, Adeniyi Lawal


Dynamic simulation of emulsion formation in a high pressure homogenizer

Pages 2915-2925

Andreas Håkansson, Christian Trägårdh, Björn Bergenståhl


Experimental determination and numerical simulation of mixing time in a gas–liquid stirred tank

Pages 2926-2933

Qinghua Zhang, Yumei Yong, Zai-Sha Mao, Chao Yang, Chengjun Zhao


Residence time distribution and liquid holdup in Kenics® KMX static mixer with hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber solution and hydrogen gas system

Pages 3320-3328

Chandra Mouli R. Madhuranthakam, Qinmin Pan, Garry L. Rempel


Experimental characterization and multi-scale modeling of mixing in static mixers. Part 2. Effect of viscosity and scale-up

Pages 4286-4294

Christian Lindenberg, Marco Mazzotti


Finite element modeling of the laminar and transition flow of the Superblend dual shaft coaxial mixer on parallel computers

Pages 4442-4456

Christian A. Rivera, Mourad Heniche, Katsuhide Takenaka, Philippe A. Tanguy


Experimental investigation of transition to laminar mixing of a homogeneous viscous liquid in a tilted-rotating tank

Pages 4919-4928

Thomas Ward, William Hourigan


Positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) compared to particle image velocimetry (PIV) for studying the flow generated by a pitched-blade turbine in single phase and multi-phase systems

Pages 4955-4968

P. Pianko-Oprych, A.W. Nienow, M. Barigou


Experimental study on geometric structure of isolated mixing region in impeller agitated vessel

Pages 5173-5181

Shunsuke Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Ito, Yoshiro Inoue



Chemical Engineering & Technology  Vol.32(2009)



Effect of Grinding Media Size And Chamber Length on Grinding in a Spex Mixer Mill (p 1102-1106)

D. V. N. Prasad, J. Theuerkauf


Drop Size Distribution in a Standard Twin-Impeller Batch Mixer at High Dispersed-Phase Volume Fraction (p 1203-1210)

A. EL-Hamouz


CFD Investigation of the Mixing of Yield-Pseudoplastic Fluids with Anchor Impellers (p 1211-1218)

P. Prajapati, F. Ein-Mozaffari



Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research   Vol.48(2009)



Angle-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of Flow and Turbulence Fields in Small-Scale Stirred Vessels of Different Mixer Configurations

Kenneth H. K. Chung, Mark J. H. Simmons and Mostafa Barigou

pp 1008–1018


Flow Pattern, Pressure Drop, and Mass Transfer in a Gas−Liquid Concurrent Two-Phase Flow Microchannel Reactor

Haining Niu, Liwei Pan, Hongjiu Su and Shudong Wang

pp 1621–1628


Turbulent and Laminar Mixings in an Unbaffled Agitated Vessel with an Unsteadily Angularly Oscillating Impeller

Masanori Yoshida, Yasuyuki Nagai, Kazuaki Yamagiwa, Akira Ohkawa and Shuichi Tezura

pp 1665–1672


Oxygen Mass Transfer Correlations for Pure and Salt Water in a Well-Mixed Vessel

Gordon A. Hill

pp 3696–3699


Mixing and Dissolution Times for a Cowles Disk Agitator in Large-Scale Emulsion Preparation

Thomas L. Rodgers, Michael Cooke, Flor R. Siperstein and Adam Kowalski

pp 6859–6868


Mixing with Jets in Cross-Flow

Manoj T. Kandakure, Vivek C. Patkar, Ashwin W. Patwardhan and Janaki A. Patwardhan

pp 6820–6829


Population Balance Modeling of Liquid−Liquid Dispersions in Homogeneous Continuous-Flow Stirred Tank

K. K. Singh, S. M. Mahajani, K. T. Shenoy and S. K. Ghosh

pp 8121–8133


Three-Dimensional Deformation Dynamics of Trailing Vortex Structures in a Stirred Vessel

Yann Bouremel, Michael Yianneskis and Andrea Ducci

pp 8148–8158


Experimental Study on Surface Aerators Stirred by Triple Impellers

Xiangyang Li, Gengzhi Yu, Chao Yang and Zai-Sha Mao

pp 8752–8756


Solid Suspension and Liquid Phase Mixing in Solid−Liquid Stirred Tanks

Madhavi V. Sardeshpande, Aparna R. Sagi, Vinay A. Juvekar and Vivek V. Ranade

pp 9713–9722






Influence of Mixing Conditions on Properties of Powder Composed of a Polymer Prepared by 2,3-Dichloro-1,3-Butadiene Suspension Polymerization 1-5

 Yoshinao Harada, Kiyoshi Sunada, Yoshihiro Mashiko, Meguru Kaminoyama, Kazuhiko Nishi and Ryuta Misumi


Correlation of Power Consumption for Propeller and Pfaudler Type Impellers 6-9

 Yoshihito Kato, Yutaka Tada, Yasuhiro Takeda, Yasuhiro Hirai and Yuichiro Nagatsu


Flow Visualization and Numerical Simulation of T-Junction Mixing of High-Temperature High-Pressure Water 64-70

 Yoshio Masuda, Takafumi Aizawa and Akira Suzuki


Effect of Particle Motion in Isolated Mixing Regions on Mixing in Stirred Vessel 459-463

 Alatengtuya, Nami Nishioka, Takafumi Horie, Mohamed N. Noui-Mehidi and Naoto Ohmura


Effect of Temperature and Suspended Solids on Local Void Fraction in a Sparged Reactor with a Multi-Impeller Agitator 656-663

 Yuyun Bao, Zhichao Ma and Zhengming Gao


Effects of Sparger Geometry on Power Consumption and Mass Transfer in a Gas–Liquid Agitated Vessel with Disk Turbine 664-668

 Noboru Kamei, Yoshihito Kato, Yutaka Tada, Junichi Ando and Yuichiro Nagatsu


Scale-Up Considerations Based on Studies at the Bench Scale in Stirred Bioreactors 789-796

 Alvin William Nienow


Experimental Investigation of Superblend Coaxial Mixer 797-803

 Maya Farhat, Louis Fradette, Hiro Horiguchi, Ryuichi Yatomi and Philippe Tanguy


Chaotic Mixing in a Vessel Agitated by Large Impeller 804-809

 Zauyah Zamzam, Koji Takahashi and Shoji Morinaga


Mixing Phenomena in Gas Stirred Liquid Systems 810-818

 Juan Huang, Yuelong Ma and Gance Dai


Volume of Cavity Formed behind Blade of Turbine Impeller in Aerated Agitated Vessel with Highly Viscous Newtonian Liquid 819-825

 Hideki Tokanai, Hiroki Yabune, Eiji Harada and Masafumi Kuriyama


Influence of the Shape of Small Reaction Vessels on Liquid Phase Synthesis of Silica Particles 826-830

 Mitsumasa Kimata, Waldemar Bujalski, Alvin William Nienow and Masahiro Hasegawa


Modeling of Redox Reaction in Glass Melt and Its Effect on Glass Flow 831-838

 Kenji Oda and Meguru Kaminoyama


Using Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) to Study Mixing in Stirred Vessels: Validation and Tackling Unsolved Problems in Opaque Systems 839-846

 Mostafa Barigou, Fabio Chiti, Paulina Pianko-Oprych, Antonio Guida, Luke Adams, Xianfeng Fan, David J. Parker and Alvin William Nienow


Low-Frequency Fluctuations in Agitated Vessels 847-856

 Hiroshi Takeda, Yutaka Tada and Setsuro Hiraoka


Hydrodynamics and Power Consumption of Rotating Baffled Shaking Cylindrical Vessel 857-860

 Yoshihito Kato, Yutaka Tada, Mami Inoue, Yuichiro Nagatsu, Young-Sei Lee and Song-Tae Koh


Mixing Spectrum of an Impeller Based on Whole Mixing Capacity 861-867

 Nobutatsu Katagiri, Shinichi Ookawara, Shiro Yoshikawa and Kohei Ogawa


Trans. IChemE (Chemical Engineering Research and Design ) Vol.87(2009)



A novel geometry for solids drawdown in stirred tanks

Pages 280-290

Oscar Khazam, Suzanne M. Kresta


Mixing studies in a model aerated bioreactor equipped with an up- or a down-pumping ‘Elephant Ear’ agitator: Power, hold-up and aerated flow field measurements

Pages 307-317

Hui Zhu, Alvin W. Nienow, Waldek Bujalski, Mark J.H. Simmons




13th European Conference on Mixing


 Evaluation of local kinetic energy dissipation rate in the impeller stream of a Rushton turbine by time-resolved PIV

Pages 369-376

F. Huchet, A. Liné, J. Morchain


 On the utilisation of vorticity and strain dynamics for improved analysis of stirred processes

Pages 377-385

Y. Bouremel, M. Yianneskis, A. Ducci


 Chaotic mixing created by object inserted in a vessel agitated by an impeller

Pages 386-390

Koji Takahashi, Mitsunori Motoda


 Effect of shaft eccentricity and impeller blade thickness on the vortices features in an unbaffled vessel

Pages 391-400

C. Galletti, S. Pintus, E. Brunazzi


 Trailing vortices generated by a Rushton turbine: Assessment of URANS and large Eddy simulations

Pages 401-411

A. Delafosse, J. Morchain, P. Guiraud, A. Liné


 On the interaction of trailing and macro-instability vortices in a stirred vessel-enhanced energy levels and improved mixing potential

Pages 412-420

Z. Doulgerakis, M. Yianneskis, A. Ducci


 Positron emission particle tracking in a mechanically agitated solid–liquid suspension of coarse particles

Pages 421-429

A. Guida, X. Fan, D.J. Parker, A.W. Nienow, M. Barigou


 Contribution of suspended particles to fluid mixing in recipro-mixing with a disk impeller

Pages 430-436

Yushi Hirata, Takahiro Dote, Yoshiro Inoue


 Modelling of mass transfer in gas–liquid stirred tanks agitated by Rushton turbine and CD-6 impeller: A scale-up study

Pages 437-451

J. Gimbun, C.D. Rielly, Z.K. Nagy


 Vapour generation from the impellers in boiling stirred tank reactors

Pages 452-459

R. Fukuda, M. Tokumura, H.T. Znad, Y. Kawase


 CFD prediction of liquid homogenisation in a gas–liquid stirred tank

Pages 460-467

M. Jahoda, L. Tomášková, M. Moštěk


 Effect of particle type on the mechanisms of break up of nanoscale particle clusters

Pages 468-473

N. Gül Özcan-Taşkin, Gustavo Padron, Adam Voelkel


 Agglomerate dispersion in cavitating flows

Pages 474-484

Jerzy Bałdyga, Łukasz Makowski, Wojciech Orciuch, Caroline Sauter, Heike P. Schuchmann


 The use of momentum ratio to evaluate the performance of CSTRs

Pages 485-491

P.N. Jones, N.G. Özcan-Taşkin, M. Yianneskis


 Catastrophic phase inversion via formation of multiple emulsions: A prerequisite for formation of fine emulsions

Pages 492-498

F. Jahanzad, Gordon Crombie, Robert Innes, Shahriar Sajjadi


 Effect of dispersed phase viscosity on solid-stabilized emulsions

Pages 499-506

C.-O. Fournier, L. Fradette, P.A. Tanguy


 Experimental and computational analysis of immiscible liquid–liquid dispersions in stirred vessels

Pages 507-514

F. Laurenzi, M. Coroneo, G. Montante, A. Paglianti, F. Magelli


 Using ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry and CFD modeling to investigate the mixing of non-Newtonian fluids possessing yield stress

Pages 515-523

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Simant R. Upreti


 An improvement of the Sulzer SMX™ static mixer significantly reducing the pressure drop

Pages 524-532

S. Hirschberg, R. Koubek, F.Moser, J. Schöck


 The effect of stator geometry on the flow pattern and energy dissipation rate in a rotor–stator mixer

Pages 533-542

A. Utomo, M. Baker, A.W. Pacek


 Smart mixers and reactors for the production of pharmaceutical nanoparticles: Proof of concept

Pages 543-549

F. Lince, D.L. Marchisio, A.A. Barresi


 Scalar mixing with fixed and fluidized particles in micro-reactors

Pages 550-556

J.J. Derksen


 Ekman pumping and intermittent particle resuspension in a stirred tank reactor

Pages 557-564

V. Lavezzo, R. Verzicco, A. Soldati


 Numerical and experimental analysis of particle strain and breakage in turbulent dispersions

Pages 565-572

S. Maaß, S. Wollny, R. Sperling, M. Kraume


 Application of fluorescent PIV and digital image analysis to measure turbulence properties of solid–liquid stirred suspensions

Pages 573-586

H. Unadkat, C.D. Rielly, G.K. Hargrave, Z.K. Nagy


 Dense solid–liquid off-bottom suspension dynamics: Simulation and experiment

Pages 587-597

A. Tamburini, A. Cipollina, G. Micale, M. Ciofalo, A. Brucato


 A mechanistic model for breakage in population balances of granulation: Theoretical kernel development and experimental validation

Pages 598-614

Rohit Ramachandran, Charles D. Immanuel, Frantisek Stepanek, James D. Litster, Francis J. Doyle III


 Tomographic imaging during semi-batch reactive precipitation of barium sulphate in a stirred vessel

Pages 615-626

T.L. Rodgers, D.R. Stephenson, M. Cooke, T.A. York, R. Mann


 On the rheological behaviour of batch crystallisations

Pages 627-632

Frans L. Muller


 A new definition of mixing and segregation: Three dimensions of a key process variable

Pages 633-647

Alena Kukukova, Joelle Aubin, Suzanne M. Kresta


 Characterization of axial flow impellers in pulp fibre suspensions

Pages 648-653

M. Bhole, C. Ford, C.P.J. Bennington




Macro-instability characteristic in agitated tank based on flow visualization experiment and large eddy simulation

Pages 923-942

T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, A. Altway, S. Winardi


Characterization of onset of entrainment in stirred tanks

Pages 951-961

R.G. Mali, A.W. Patwardhan


Momentum correction coefficient for two jet flows mixing in a tee junction

Pages 1065-1068

Lijun Ji, Bin Wu, Kui Chen, Jiawen Zhu, Haifeng Liu


Emulsification capability of a dual shaft mixer

Pages 1631-1639

Avinash R. Khopkar, Louis Fradette, Philippe A. Tanguy



化学工学論文集              Vol.35(2009)



乱流撹拌槽における非定常撹拌の効果 No.1 152-157

 加藤 禎人, 多田 , 武田 康弘, 長津 雄一郎, 岩田 修一, 岩石 真一, 梶原 , 泳世, 承台



No.1 158-163

 高橋 友哉, 安藤 崇行, 正木 克枝, 望月 雅文, 塩原 克己


撹拌槽内の3次元速度場の簡易モデル No.2 201-210

 井上 義朗, 岡田 文太朗, 橋本 俊輔


撹拌槽の設計・操作における撹拌所要動力の重要性 No.2 211-215

 加藤 禎人, 平岡 節郎, 亀井 , 多田


流脈線に基づく撹拌槽内の混合機構の解析 No.3 265-273

 井上 義朗, 高岡 , 岡田 文太朗, 屶網 和也, 橋本 俊輔, 平田 雄志


ノンエレメントミキサーの対流混合メカニズムに関する検討 No.4, 357-363

  善昊, 杉川 裕介, 植田 利久


液物性が撹拌槽内の混合時間に与える影響 No.5 539-542

 相澤 栄次, 阪野 伸大, 今駒 博信, 大村 直人


ノンエレメントミキサーの対流混合促進過程 No.6 589-595

  善昊, 樋口 尚孝, 藤岡 沙都子, 植田 利久