ミキシング関連文献リスト (2011 年)

AIChE Journal Vol.57(2011)


A low-energy emulsification batch mixer for concentrated oil-in-water emulsions (pages 27-39) Caubet, Sylvain; Le Guer, Yves; Grassl, Bruno; et al.

Mixing in tangentially crossing microchannels (pages 571-580) Lee, Denz; Chen, Yu Tzu

The influence of cam geometry and operating conditions on chaotic mixing of viscous fluids in a twin cam mixer (pages 581-598) Robinson, Martin; Cleary, Paul W.

On the use of the iodide iodate reaction method for assessing mixing times in continuous flow mixers (pages 835-840) Koelbl, A.; Kraut, M.

NETmix (r), a new type of static mixer: experimental characterization and model validation (pages 1020-1032) Laranjeira, Paulo E.; Martins, Antonio A.; Nunes, Maria Isabel; et al.

An arrangement of ideal reactors as a way to model homogenizing processes with a planetary mixer (pages 1678-1683) Delaplace, Guillaume; Bouvier, Laurent; Moreau, Anne; et al.

A 4d imaging tool for lagrangian particle tracking in stirred tanks (pages 1983-1996) Cheng, Y.; Diez, F. J.

Mixing of dense binary suspensions: multi-component hydrodynamics and spatial phase distribution by pept (pages 2302-2315) Guida, Antonio; Nienow, Alvin W.; Barigou, Mostafa

High solids concentration agitation for minerals process intensification (pages 2316-2324) Wu, J.; Wang, S.; Graham, L.; et al.

On the manifestation and nature of macroinstabilities in stirred vessels (pages 2941-2954) Doulgerakis, Zacharias; Yianneskis, Michael; Ducci, Andrea

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.89(2011)


CFD simulation of stirred tanks: comparison of turbulence models. part i: radial flow impellers (pages 23-82) Joshi, Jyeshtharaj B.; Nere, Nandkishor K.; Rane, Chinmay V.; et al.

Numerical simulation process aspects of the novel static circulating jet mixer (pages 460-468) Yu, Yanfang; Wu, Jianhua; Meng, Huibo

Design and assessment of a novel static mixer (pages 550-554) Al-Atabi, Mushtak

Direct flow simulations of thixotropic liquids in agitated tanks (pages 628-635) Derksen, J. J.

CFD applied to turbulent flows in concentric and eccentric annuli with inner shaft rotation (pages 636-646) Vieira Neto, J. L.; Martins, A. L.; Silveira Neto, A.; et al.

Comparison and validation of CFD models in liquid-solid suspensions (pages 696-706) Visuri, Olli; Liiri, Maret; Alopaeus, Ville

CFD simulation of free liquid surface motion in a pilot plant stirred tank (pages 717-724) Jahoda, M.; Mostek, M.; Fort, I.; et al.

Development of static mixers for miscible fluids in laminar flow with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) (pages 734-744)

Joaquim, C. F., Jr.; Reynol, A.; Cekinski, E.; et al.

Free-surface turbulent flow induced by a rushton turbine in an unbaffled dish-bottom stirred tank reactor: ldv measurements and CFD simulations (pages 745-753)

Haque, J. N.; Mahmud, T.; Roberts, K. J.; et al.

CFD simulation of stirred tanks: comparison of turbulence models (part II: axial flow impellers, multiple impellers and multiphase dispersions) (pages 754-816)

Joshi, Jyeshtharaj B.; Nere, Nandkishor K.; Rane, Chinmay V.; et al.

Solids suspension with angle-mounted agitators in unbaffled vessels (pages 940-947) Myers, Kevin J.; Herr, Jonathan P.; Janz, Eric E.

Mixing-the forgotten unit operation (pages 959-960) Kresta, Suzanne M.

Effect of geometric variations on the performance of gas dispersion impellers with semicircular blades (pages 961-968) Fasano, Julian B.; Myers, Kevin J.; Janz, Eric E.

The effect of off-wall clearance of a side-entering impeller on the mixing of pulp suspensions in a cylindrical stock chest (pages 985-995)

Bhole, Manish R.; Hui, Leo K.; Gomez, Clara; et al.

Assessment of mixing quality for an industrial pulp mixer using electrical resistance tomography (pages 996-1004) Yenjaichon, Wisarn; Pageau, Gerry; Bhole, Manish; et al.

Quantitative characterisation of mixing in stirred tank reactors with mean age distribution (pages 1018-1028) Liu, Minye

Micromixing in two-phase (G-L and S-L) systems in a stirred vessel (pages 1029-1039) Hofinger, Julia; Sharpe, Robert W.; Bujalski, Waldemar; et al.

Scaling up of Silverson rotor-stator mixers (pages 1040-1050) Hall, S.; Cooke, M.; Pacek, A. W.; et al.

Comparing top entry versus side entry agitator performance in low viscosity blending (pages 1059-1067) Kehn, Richard Oliver

Characteristics of batch rotor-stator mixer performance elucidated by shaft torque and angle resolved piv measurements (pages 1076-1095)

Mortensen, Hans Henrik; Calabrese, Richard V.; Innings, Fredrik; et al.

Solid suspension in stirred tanks: UVP measurements and CFD simulations (pages 1112-1121) Sardeshpande, Madhavi V.; Juvekar, V. A.; Ranade, Vivek V.

Effect of tank size on kLa and mixing time in aerated stirred reactors with non-newtonian fluids (pages 1139-1153) Gabelle, J. -C.; Augier, F.; Carvalho, A.; et al.

Chemical Engineering Science Vol.66(2011)


Melt-mixing by novel pitched-tip kneading disks in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder (pages 103-110) Nakayama, Yasuya; Takeda, Eiji; Shigeishi, Takashi; et al.

Expression for turbulent power draw of an in-line Silverson high shear mixer (pages 241-249) Kowalski, A. J.; Cooke, M.; Hall, S.

A stochastic Lagrangian approach for simulating the effect of turbulent mixing on algae growth rate in a photobioreactor (pages 384-392)

Marshall, J. S.; Sala, K.

Characterizing continuous powder mixing using residence time distribution (pages 417-425) Gao, Yijie; Vanarase, Aditya; Muzzio, Fernando; et al.

Measurement and characterization of mixing time in shake flasks (pages 440-447) Tan, Rung-Kai; Eberhard, Werner; Buechs, Jochen

A new approach to high-shear mixer granulation using positron emission particle tracking (pages 563-569) Saito, Yoshitoshi; Fan, Xianfeng; Ingram, Andy; et al.

PIV experiments and large eddy simulations of single-loop flow fields in Rushton turbine stirred tanks (pages 1219-1231) Li, Zhipeng; Bao, Yuyun; Gao, Zhengming

Single-phase fluid flow and mixing in microchannels (pages 1329-1373) Kumar, Vimal; Paraschivoiu, Marius; Nigam, K. D. P.

Quantification of mixing efficiency in turbulent supercritical water hydrothermal reactors (pages 1576-1589) Sierra-Pallares, Jose; Marchisio, Daniele L.; Alonso, Esther; et al.

Estimation of the turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate from 2D-PIV measurements in a vessel stirred by an axial Mixel TTP impeller (pages 1728-1737)

Delafosse, Angelique; Collignon, Marie-Laure; Crine, Michel; et al.

Droplet break-up by in-line Silverson rotor-stator mixer (pages 2068-2079) Hall, S.; Cooke, M.; El-Hamouz, A.; et al.

Large size agitators with precession impeller for ore slurries-Study, design, tests (pages 2277-2284) Domanskii, I. V.; Mil'chenko, A. I.; Vorob'ev-Desyatovskii, N. V.

Studies of a mixing process induced by a transverse rotating magnetic field (pages 2298-2308) Rakoczy, Rafal; Masiuk, Stanislaw

Comparative study of internal batch mixer such as cam, banbury and roller: Numerical simulation and experimental verification (pages 2502-2511)

Salahudeen, Shafaat Ahmed; Elleithy, Rabeh H.; AlOthman, Othman; et al.

The role of meso-mixing in anti-solvent crystallization processes (pages 2523-2534) Barrett, Mark; O'Grady, Des; Casey, Eoin; et al.

Mixing times for process vessels with aspect ratios greater than one (pages 2935-2944) Rodgers, T. L.; Gangolf, L.; Vannier, C.; et al.

A method for computing the degree of mixing in steady continuous flow systems (pages 3045-3048) Liu, Minye

Investigations on hydrodynamics and mass transfer in gas-liquid stirred reactor using computational fluid dynamics (pages


Ranganathan, Panneerselvam; Sivaraman, Savithri

A new adaptive procedure for using chemical probes to characterize mixing (pages 3540-3550) Habchi, Charbel; Della Valle, Dominique; Lemenand, Thierry; et al.

gamma-CT measurement and CFD simulation of cross section gas holdup distribution in a gas-liquid stirred standard Rushton tank (pages 3721-3731)

Liu, Yue-Jin; Li, Wei; Han, Lu-Chang; et al.

A coupled CFD-population balance approach for nanoparticle synthesis in turbulent reacting flows (pages 3792-3805) Akroyd, Jethro; Smith, Alastair J.; Shirley, Raphael; et al.

Mechanism of mixing enhancement with baffles in impeller-agitated vessel, part I: A case study based on cross-sections of streak sheet (pages 4690-4701)

Hashimoto, Shunsuke; Natami, Kazuya; Inoue, Yoshiro

Observer-based nonlinear control law for a continuous stirred tank reactor with recycle (pages 4780-4797) Di Ciccio, M. P.; Bottini, M.; Pepe, P.; et al.

Continued self-similar breakup of drops in viscous continuous phase in agitated vessels (pages 4932-4935) Patil, Pramod D.; Kumar, Sanjeev

Formation of O/W emulsions by static mixers for pharmaceutical applications (pages 5084-5094) Kiss, N.; Brenn, G.; Pucher, H.; et al.

PIV study of the flow field generated by a sawtooth impeller (pages 5374-5387) Unadkat, Heema; Rielly, Chris D.; Nagy, Zoltan K.

Electrical resistance tomography-assisted analysis of dispersed phase hold-up in a gas-inducing mechanically stirred vessel (pages 5648-5662)

Abdullah, Bawadi; Dave, Chirag; Tuan-Huy Nguyen; et al.

Perturbed turbulent stirred tank flows with amplitude and mode-shape variations (pages 5703-5722) Roy, Somnath; Acharya, Sumanta

Turbulent liquid-liquid dispersion in SMV static mixer at high dispersed phase concentration (pages 5762-5774) Lobry, Emeline; Theron, Felicie; Gourdon, Christophe; et al.

Use of PIV to measure turbulence modulation in a high throughput stirred vessel with the addition of high Stokes number particles for both up- and down-pumping configurations (pages 5862-5874)

Gabriele, A.; Tsoligkas, A. N.; Kings, I. N.; et al.

An assessment of different turbulence models for predicting flow in a baffled tank stirred with a Rushton turbine (pages 5976-5988) Singh, Harminder; Fletcher, David F.; Nijdam, Justin J.

Chemical Engineering & Technology Vol.34(2011)


Residence time distribution studies in microfluidic mixing structures (pages 361-370) Boskovic, Dusan; Loebbecke, Stefan; Gross, Alexander; et al.

Unsteady mixing characteristics in a vessel with forward-reverse rotating impeller (pages 767-774) Woziwodzki, Szymon

Image analysis method for the measurement of mixing times in stirred vessels (pages 859-866) Vega-Alvarado, Leticia; Taboada, Blanca; Hidalgo-Millan, Antonio; et al.

Flow field analysis of stirred liquid-liquid systems in slim reactors (pages 1215-1227) Maass, Sebastian; Eppinger, Thomas; Altwasser, Sebastian; et al.

Numerical investigation of the effect of impeller design parameters on the performance of a multiphase baffle-stirred reactor (pages 1271-1280)

Iranzo, Alfredo; Barbero, Ruben; Domingo, Jeronimo; et al.

Experimental studies on suspension of solid particles in a low-shear stirred vessel (pages 1581-1586) Li, Xiangyang; Yang, Chao; Zhang, Guangji; et al.

Experimental and numerical studies of the flow field in a stirred tank equipped with multiple side-entering agitators (pages 1619-1629)

Fang, Jian; Ling, Xiang; Sang, Zhi-Fu

CFD prediction of the critical agitation speed for complete dispersion in liquid-liquid stirred reactors (pages 2005-2015) Cheng, Dang; Cheng, Jingcai; Yong, Yumei; et al.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Vol.50(2011)


Optimization of breakage and coalescence model parameters in a steady-state batch agitated dispersion (pages 2182-2191) Ribeiro, Margarida M.; Regueiras, Pedro F.; Guimaraes, Margarida M. L.; et al.

Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the suspension of nonspherical particles in a stirred tank (pages 2331-2342) Scully, James; Frawley, Patrick

New impeller for viscous fermentation: power input and mass transfer coefficient correlations (pages 3510-3516) Lin, Yan; Zhang, Zisheng; Thibault, Jules

Local momentum transfer process in a wall region of an agitated vessel equipped with an eccentric impeller (pages 4140-4149) Cudak, Magdalena; Karcz, Joanna

Dynamics of mixing-limited pattern formation in non isothermal homogeneous autocatalytic reactors: a low-dimensional computational analysis (pages 4335-4344)

Chaudhury, Anwesha; Chakraborty, Saikat

Prediction of tracer concentration and mixing in CFSTRs with mean age distribution (pages 5838-5851) Liu, Minye

Experimental study on liquid-liquid macromixing in a stirred tank (pages 5952-5958) Zhao, Yanchun; Li, Xiangyang; Cheng, Jingcai; et al.

Fractal impeller for stirred tank reactors (pages 7667-7676) Kulkarni, Amol A.; Jha, Neha; Singh, Abhishek; et al.

Dynamic performance of continuous-flow mixing of pseudoplastic fluids exhibiting yield stress in stirred reactors (pages 9377-9389)

Patel, Dineshkumar; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Mehrvar, Mehrab

Mixing and dissolution processes of pharmaceutical bulk materials in stirred tanks: experimental and numerical investigations (pages 12011-12025)

Hoermann, Thomas; Suzzi, Daniele; Khinast, Johannes G.



Power Demand and Mixing Performance of Coaxial Mixers in Non-Newtonian Fluids (pages 57-66) Yuyun Bao, Bo Yang, Yong Xie, Zhengming Gao, Zhongdong Zhang, Tao Liu, Xionghou Gao

Turbulence Properties of Solid-Liquid Flow in the Near-Wall Region of a Stirred Tank (pages 224-232) Yu Chen, Han Jiang, Yuyun Bao, Xiongbin Huang

Optimal Seeding Conditions for Semi-Batch Type Evaporative Crystallization of a High Suspension Density Sodium Chloride Slurry in a Draft-Tube Stirred Vessel (pages 233-239)

Ryuta Misumi, Toshiharu Toyoda, Ryuta Katayama, Kazuhiko Nishi, Meguru Kaminoyama

Highly Efficient Evaporative Crystallization of a High Suspension Density Sodium Chloride Slurry in a Draft-Tube Stirred Vessel in Continuous Operation (pages 240-246)

Ryuta Misumi, Shimpei Kato, Suisei Ibe, Kazuhiko Nishi, Meguru Kaminoyama

Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Flow Patterns and Mixing Characteristics in Multiple Impeller Stirred Tank (pages 389-397) Jing Zhao, Zhengming Gao, Yuyun Bao

Flow and Diffusion Behavior as a Function of Viscosity in a Double-Y-Type Microfluidic Device (pages 509-517) Kazuhiko Nishi, Jilska M. Perera, Ryuta Misumi, Meguru Kaminoyama, Geoffrey W. Stevens

Modeling and Simulation of Double-Pass Parallel-Plate Mass Exchangers under Asymmetric Wall Concentrations (pages 919-930) Chii-Dong Ho, Chi-Chin Kuo, Cheng-Liang Chang, Yih-Hang Chen, Jr-Wei Tu

Laminar Mixing in Eccentric Stirred Tank with Different Bottom (pages 931-935)

Koji Takahashi, Daisuke Shigihara, Yasuyuki Takahata

以下:Special Issue for the 3rd ASIAN CONFERENCE ON MIXING (ACOM)

Capturing the Efficiency of a Melt-Mixing Process for Polymer Processing (pages 831-839) Toshihisa Kajiwara, Yasuya Nakayama

Comparison of Power Number for Paddle-Type Impellers by Three Methods (pages 840-844) Ming-hui Xie, Guo-zhong Zhou, Jian-ye Xia, Chen Zou, Pei-qing Yu, Si-liang Zhang

Geometric Structure and Formation Condition of Corded Isolated-Mixing Region in Impeller Agitated Vessel (pages 845-851) Shunsuke Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Ito, Yoshikazu Nakata, Yuuki Ishikawa, Yoshiro Inoue

Mixing Performance Experiments in an Agitated Vessel Equipped with a Pitched Paddle Subjected to Unsteady Agitation (pages 852-858)

Koji Takahashi, Yasuyuki Takahata, Kazunari Kurisaka, Hitoshi Sekine

Mixing in Eccentrically Located Hi-F Mixer (pages 859-867)

Kazuhiko Nishi, Naoki Enya, Yuta Tanaka, Ryuta Misumi, Meguru Kaminoyama

A Method for Determining the Representative Apparent Viscosity of Highly Viscous Pseudoplastic Liquids in a Stirred Vessel by Numerical Simulation (pages 868-875)

Meguru Kaminoyama, Kazuhiko Nishi, Ryuta Misumi, Fumio Otani

Suspension of Solid Particles in a Horizontal Vessel (pages 876-881) Tao Yang, Koji Takahashi

Abrasion of Particles by a Small Impeller in an Agitated Vessel (pages 882-887) Akihiko Tadamasa, Koji Takahashi

Development of Non-Intrusive Measurement Method for Primary Nucleation Phenomena in a Stirred Vessel Based on Laser Light Scattering (pages 888-894)

Ryuta Misumi, Taiki Yamada, Shimpei Kato, Kazuhiko Nishi, Meguru Kaminoyama

Feasibility Study on Antisolvent Crystallization by Means of Gas-Liquid Slug Flow in Curved Microchannel (pages 895-900) Yuki Yamauchi, Shinichi Ookawara, Shiro Yoshikawa

Further Studies of Micromixing: Scale-Up, Baffling and Feed Pipe Backmixing (pages 901-907) Melissa Assirelli, Suat Peng Lee, Alvin W. Nienow

Characteristics of Heat Transfer Coefficient Distribution at Inside Wall of an Agitated Vessel Based on Data Measured Using a New Measuring Method (pages 908-918)

Hisayuki Kanamori, Takashi Yamamoto, Yoshikazu Kato, Zauyah Zamzam

Trans. IChemE (Chemical Engineering Research and Design ) Vol.89(2011)


A study of the effect of drag-reducing surfactants on flow patterns in stirred vessels (pages 94-106) Mavros, Paul; Ricard, Alain; Xuereb, Catherine; et al.

Experimental and CFD investigation of power consumption in a dual Rushton turbine stirred tank (pages 280-290) Taghavi, Mahsa; Zadghaffari, Ramin; Moghaddas, Jafarsadegh; et al.

A jet mixing study in two phase gas-liquid systems (pages 352-366) Amiri, T. Yousefi; Moghaddas, J. S.; Moghaddas, Y.

On hydraulic efficiency of pitched blade impellers (pages 611-615) Fort, Ivan

Effect of jet angle and orifice shape in gas-gas mixer using CFD (pages 904-920) Patkar, Vivek C.; Patwardhan, Ashwin W.

Impeller design for mixing of suspensions (pages 1144-1151) Jirout, Tomas; Rieger, Frantisek

Effect of time delays in characterizing the continuous mixing of non-Newtonian fluids in stirred-tank reactors (pages 1919-1928) Patel, Vishalkumar R.; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Upreti, Simant R.

The relation between the rate of erosion wear of a pitched blade impeller and its process characteristics (pages 1929-1937) Fort, Ivan; Jirout, Tomas

Using positron emission particle tracking (PEPT) to study the turbulent flow in a baffled vessel agitated by a Rushton turbine: Improving data treatment and validation (pages 1947-1960)

Chiti, Fabio; Bakalis, Serafim; Bujalski, Waldemar; et al.

Design rules for suspending concentrated mixtures of solids in stirred tanks (pages 1961-1971) Ayranci, Inci; Kresta, Suzanne M.

Reply to Comments on "Turbulent flow of shear-thinning liquids in stirred tanks-The effects of Reynolds number and flow index" (pages 2194-2195)

Venneker, B. C. H.; Derksen, J. J.; Van den Akker, H. E. A.

Comments on 'Turbulent flow of shear-thinning liquids in stirred tanks-The effects of Reynolds number and flow index' by Venneker et al. [Chem. Eng. Res. Des. 88 (2010) 827-843] (pages 2196-2197)

Fort, Ivan

A study on some effects of a drag-reducing agent on the performance of a stirred vessel (pages 2262-2267)

Montante, Giuseppina; Laurenzi, Fabio; Paglianti, Alessandro; et al.

Effect of eccentricity on laminar mixing in vessel stirred by double turbine impellers (pages 2268-2278) Woziwodzki, Szymon; Jedrzejczak, Lukasz

Dynamics of flow macro-formation and its interference with liquid surface in mixing vessel with pitched blade impeller (pages 2279-2290)

Bruha, T.; Smolka, P.; Jahoda, M.; et al.

Jet mixing in tall tanks: Comparison of methods for predicting blend times (pages 2501-2506) Grenville, R. K.; Tilton, J. N.

化学工学論文集 Vol.37(2011)


流体混合概念の再考 (4-11)

岡田 文太朗, 石丸 拓, 橋本 俊輔, 井上 義朗

総括混合性能指標に基づく汎用撹拌翼の混合性能比較 (12-18)

小川 浩平, 吉川 史郎, 片桐 将達

広いレイノルズ数領域におけるアンカー翼の撹拌所要動力 (19-21)

加藤 禎人, 亀井 登, 多田 豊, 加藤 紀幸, 加藤 知帆, 伊吹 竜彦, 古川 陽輝, 長津 雄一郎

ラシュトンタービン翼を備えた乱流撹拌槽の撹拌所要動力に及ぼす邪魔板挿入深さの影響 (147-149)

加藤 禎人, 亀井 登, 多田 豊, 中岡 梓, 長津 雄一郎, 高 承台, 李 泳世

流脈線を基にした層流混合モデルにおける不変構造と可変特性 (211-222)

井上 義朗

球底乱流撹拌槽の撹拌所要動力 (305-309)

加藤 禎人, 塩原 克己, 古川 陽輝, 多田 豊, 長津 雄一郎, 高 承台, 李 泳世

乱流撹拌槽の撹拌所要動力に及ぼす邪魔板挿入深さの影響 (377-380)

加藤 禎人, 亀井 登, 多田 豊, 中岡 梓, 伊吹 竜彦, 長津 雄一郎, 高 承台, 李 泳世

6 段縦型撹拌槽における液の逆混合と交換流量 (483-489)

大平 勇一, 永野 久雄, 島津 昌光, 小幡 英二, 安藤 公二

鮮明な流脈線の可視化法 (490-495)

橋本 俊輔, 西川 達哉, 新野 純一, 西村 亮俊, 井上 義朗