ミキシング関連文献リスト             (2013年)



AIChE Journal     Vol. 59 (2013)


Elaboration of Controlled Structure Foams with the SMX Static Mixer

Talansier, Emeline; Dellavalle, Dominique; Loisel, Catherine; et al., 132-145


On the Fluid Dynamics of Shaken Bioreactors-Flow Characterization and Transition

Weheliye, W.; Yianneskis, M.; Ducci, A., 334-344


Measurement and Analysis of Flow of Concentrated Fiber Suspensions through a 2-D Sudden Expansion Using UVP

Claesson, Julia; Rasmuson, Anders; Wiklund, Johan; et al., 1012-1021


In-Line Jet Mixing of Liquid-Pulp-Fiber Suspensions: Effect of Fiber Properties, Flow Regime, and Jet Penetration

Yenjaichon, Wisarn; Grace, John R.; Lim, Choon Jim; et al., 1420-1430


Experimental and Numerical Study of Mixing Behavior inside Droplets in Microchannels

Wang, Wentan; Shao, Ting; Zhao, Shufang; et al., 1801-1813


Characterization of Mixing and Size Segregation in a Rotating Drum by a Particle Tracking Method

Alizadeh, Ebrahim; Dube, Olivier; Bertrand, Francois; et al., 1894-1905


Numerical study of mixing and thermal conduction of granular particles in rotating tumblersGui, Nan; Gao, Jinsen; Ji, Zhongli,



3-D numerical simulations on flow and mixing behaviors in gasliquidsolid microchannels

Tang Can; Liu Mingyan; Xu Yonggui, 1934-1951


Drop-size distributions and spatial distributions in an annular centrifugal contactor

Wyatt, Nicholas B.; O'Hern, Timothy J.; Shelden, Bion, 2219-2226


Experimental determination of the shear rate in a stirred tank with a non-newtonian fluid: Carbopol

Gabelle, J-C.; Morchain, J.; Anne-Archard, D.; et al., 2251-2266


The simplest stirred tank for laminar mixing: Mixing in a vessel agitated by an off-centered angled disc

Bulnes-Abundis, D.; Alvarez, M. M., 3092-3108


Spectral properties and low-dimensional description of loop and recycle reactors

Alam, Imran; Balakotaiah, Vemuri, 3365-3377


Determination of Maximum Turbulent Energy Dissipation Rate generated by a Rushton Impeller through Large Eddy Simulation

Soos, Miroslav; Kaufmann, Rene; Winteler, Raphael; et al., 3642-3658


Stereo-PIV Experiments and Large Eddy Simulations of Flow Fields in Stirred Tanks with Rushton and Curved-Blade Turbines

Li, Zhipeng; Song, Ge; Bao, Yuyun; et al., 3986-4003


Mixing Behaviors of Wet Granular Materials in Gas Fluidized Bed Systems

Lim, Eldin Wee Chuan; Tan, Reginald Beng Hee; Xiao, Zongyuan, 4058-4067


Double Emulsions of Immiscible Polymer Blends Stabilized by Interfacially Active Nanoparticles

Li, Qiong; Huang, Yajiang; Xi, Shuting; et al., 4373-4382


Thermodynamics of Shear-Induced Phase Transitions for Multicomponent Fluid Mixtures

Canas-Marin, Wilson A., 4383-4389


Assessment of Gel Formation in Colloidal Dispersions during Mixing in Turbulent Jets

Soos, Miroslav; Marchisio, Daniele L.; Sefcik, Jan, 4567-4581




Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering   Vol. 91 (2013)


Characterisation of the mixing of non-newtonian fluids with a scaba 6SRGT impeller through ert and CFD

Pakzad, Leila; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Upreti, Simant R.; et al., 90-100


Effect of baffles on fluid flow field in stirred tank with floating particles by using PIV

Atibeni, Rajab; Gao, Zhengming; Bao, Yuyun, 570-578


Numerical simulation of a pitched-blade turbine stirred tank with mirror fluid method

Wang, Tao; Cheng, Jingcai; Li, Xiangyang; et al., 902-914


Effect of solids loading on agitator just-suspended speed

Myers, Kevin J.; Janz, Eric E.; Fasano, Julian B., 1508-1512


Just-suspended agitation of solid mixtures

Bao, Tianxin; Myers, Kevin J.; Janz, Eric E.; et al., 1632-1640


Double Diffusive Convection and Thermodiffusion of Fullerene-Toluene Nanofluid in a Porous Cavity

Ahadi, Amirhossein; Yousefi, Tooraj; Saghir, M. Ziad, 1918-1927




Chemical Engineering Science  Vol. 85-104 (2013)


Residence time distributions of in-line high shear mixers with ultrafine teeth

Xu, Shuangqing; Shi, Jintao; Cheng, Qin; et al., Vol. 87, 111-121


Regime map development for continuous twin screw granulation

Tu, Wei-Da; Ingram, Andy; Seville, Jonathan, Vol. 87, 315-326


Particle distribution in dilute solid liquid unbaffled tanks via a novel laser sheet and image analysis based technique

Tamburini, A.; Cipollina, A.; Micale, G.; et al., Vol. 87, 341-358


Comparison between average shear rates in conventional bioreactor with Rushton and Elephant ear impellers

Bustamante, M. C. C.; Cerri, M. O.; Badino, Alberto C., Vol. 90, 92-100


Statistics of the scalar dissipation rate using direct numerical simulations and planar laser-induced fluorescence data

Markides, Christos N.; Chakraborty, Nilanjan, Vol. 90, 221-241


Evolution of dispersed drops during the mixing of mineral oil and water phases in a stirring tank

Wang, Wei; Liu, Jia; Wang, Pengyu; et al., Vol. 91, 173-179


Gas dispersion in pulp-suspension flow in the presence of an in-line mechanical mixer

Yenjaichon, Wisarn; Grace, John R.; Lim, C. Jim; et al., Vol. 93, 22-31


Remotely excited magnetic nanoparticles and gas-liquid mass transfer in Taylor flow regime

Hajiani, Pouya; Larachi, Faical, Vol. 93, 257-265


Multi-scale models for the optimization of batch bioreactors

Liew, Emily Wan-Teng; Nandong, Jobrun; Samyudia, Yudi, Vol. 95, 257-266


Numerical investigation of near-critical fluid convective flow mixing in microchannels

Chen, Lin; Zhang, Xin-Rong; Okajima, Junnosuke; et al., Vol. 97, 67-80


DEM simulation and analysis of particle mixing and heat conduction in a rotating drum

Gui, Nan; Yan, Jie; Xu, Wenkai; et al., Vol. 97, 225-234


A mechanistic model for pressure drops in corrugated plates static mixers

Paglianti, Alessandro; Montante, Giuseppina, Vol. 97, 376-384


Study of two phase thermal stratification in cylindrical vessels: CFD simulations and PIV measurements

Gandhi, Mayurkumar S.; Joshi, Jyeshtharaj B.; Vijayan, Pallippattu K., Vol. 98, 125-151


Transition from turbulent to transitional flow in the top half of a stirred tank

Machado, Marcio B.; Bittorf, Kevin J.; Roussinova, Vesselina T.; et al., Vol. 98, 218-230


Experimental study and numerical simulation of local void fraction in cold-gassed and hot-sparged stirred reactors

Yang, Jie; Bao, Yuyun; Lin, Mingli; et al., Vol. 100, 83-90


Mixing performance and drug nano-particle preparation inside slugs in a gas-liquid microchannel reactor

Zhao, Shufang; Wang, Wentan; Shao, Ting; et al., Vol. 100, 456-463


Mass transfer characteristics of gas-liquid absorption during Taylor flow in mini/microchannel reactors

Ganapathy, Harish; Al-Hajri, Ebrahim; Ohadi, Michael, Vol. 101, 69-80


The kinematics of non-cohesive, sphero-cylindrical particles in a low-speed, vertical axis mixer

Hua, X.; Curtis, J.; Hancock, B.; et al., Vol. 101, 144-164


Numerical simulation of macro-mixing in liquid-liquid stirred tanks

Cheng, Dang; Feng, Xin; Cheng, Jingcai; et al., Vol. 101, 272-282


Discrete element model for an attritor mill with impeller responding to interactions with milling balls

Santhanam, Priya R.; Ermoline, Alexandre; Dreizin, Edward L., Vol. 101, 366-373


Kinetic investigation of the Dushman reaction at concentrations relevant to mixing studies in microstructured cyclone type mixers

Koelbl, A.; Kraut, M.; Dittmeyer, R., Vol. 101, 454-460


Bread dough aeration dynamics during pressure step-change mixing: Studies by X-ray tomography, dough density and population balance modelling

Trinh, L.; Lowe, T.; Campbell, G. M.; et al., Vol. 101, 470-477


A novel and energy-efficient coaxial mixer for agitation of non-Newtonian fluids possessing yield stress

Pakzad, Leila; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Upreti, Simant R.; et al., Vol. 101, 642-654


Mixing time in high aspect ratio vessels stirred with multiple impellers

Magelli, Franco; Montante, Giuseppina; Pinelli, Davide; et al., Vol. 101, 712-720


Numerical modelling of velocity field and phase distribution in dense monodisperse solid-liquid suspensions under different regimes of agitation: CFD and PEPT experiments

Liu, Li; Barigou, Mostafa, Vol. 101, 837-850


Scale-up effects on flow patterns in the high shear mixing of cohesive powders

Cavinato, Mauro; Artoni, Riccardo; Bresciani, Massimo; et al., Vol. 102, 1-9


Liquids mixing enhanced by multiple synthetic jet pairs at low Reynolds numbers

Xia, Qingfeng; Zhong, Shan, Vol. 102, 10-23


Direct numerical simulation of wall-to liquid heat transfer in dispersed gas-liquid two-phase flow using a volume of fluid approach

Deen, Niels G.; Kuipers, J. A. M., Vol. 102, 268-282


On the measurement of local gas hold-up, interfacial area and bubble size distribution in gas-liquid contactors via light sheet and image analysis: Imaging technique and experimental results 

Busciglio, A.; Grisafi, F.; Scargiali, F.; et al., Vol. 102, 551-566


Measurement of maximum stable drop size in aerated dilute liquid-liquid dispersions in stirred tanks

Daub, A.; Boehm, M.; Delueg, S.; et al., Vol. 104, 147-155


Chaotic mixing by longitudinal vorticity

Habchi, Charbel; Harion, Jean-Luc; Russeil, Serge; et al., Vol. 104, 439-450


A combined lossy capacitor population balance model (LCPBM) for calculating the influence of frequency on electric field enhanced coalescence in a static-mixer settler setup

Barega, Esayas W.; Zondervan, Edwin; de Haan, Andre B., Vol. 104, 727-741


Free-surface shape in unbaffled stirred vessels: Experimental study via digital image analysis

Busciglio, A.; Caputo, G.; Scargiali, F., Vol. 104, 868-880


Laminar mixing performances of baffling, shaft eccentricity and unsteady mixing in a cylindrical vessel

Ng, K. C.; Ng, E. Y. K., Vol. 104, 960-974




Chemical Engineering & Technology  Vol. 36 (2013)


Estimation of Mixing Ratio for Saturated Air over Water  

Bahadori, Alireza; Zendehboudi, Sohrab; Zahedi, Gholamreza, 109-114


Hydrodynamics Characterization of an Ellipse Gate Impeller by Experimental and Numerical Studies 

Xie, Ming-hui; Xia, Jian-ye; Zhou, Guo-zhong; et al., 115-122


High-Throughput T-Jets Mixers: An Innovative Scale-Up Concept 

Sultan, Mohamed A.; Krupa, Kateryna; Fonte, Claudio P.; et al., 323-331


Micromixing of Solid-liquid Systems in a Stirred Tank with Double Impellers 

Yang, Lei; Cheng, Jingcai; Fan, Ping; et al., 443-449


Using Tomography to Characterize the Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids with a Maxblend Impeller 

Patel, Dineshkumar; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Mehrvar, Mehrab, 687-695


State of the Art of Mini/Micro Jet Reactors 

Santos, Ricardo J.; Ashar Sultan, M., 937-949


Power Consumption of Liquid and Liquid/Solid Systems in a Rotating-Drum Bioreactor 

Wang, Zhihui; Wen, Shumei; Zhang, Qinghua; et al., 1395-1401


Experiments and Simulations on Bidisperse Solids Suspension in a Mixing Tank 

Ayranci, Inci; Kresta, Suzanne M.; Derksen, Jos J., 1957-1967




Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research   Vol. 52 (2013)


Pilot-Scale Examination of Mixing Liquid into Pulp Fiber Suspensions in the Presence of an In-Line Mechanical Mixer 

Yenjaichon, Wisarn; Grace, John R.; Lim, C. Jim; et al., 485-498


External Coefficient of Heat Transfer by Convection in Mixed Vessels Using Vertical Tube Baffles 

Rosa, Vitor da Silva; de Souza Pinto, Thiago Cesar; Santos, Aldo Ramos; et al., 2434-2438


Mixing Effects on the Kinetics of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Avicel for Batch Production of Cellulosic Ethanol 

Gaikwad, Ashwin; Chakraborty, Saikat, 3988-3999


Lagrangian Simulation of Steady and Unsteady Laminar Mixing by Plate Impeller in a Cylindrical Vessel 

Ng, K. C.; Ng, E. Y. K.; Lam, W. H., 10004-10014


Inclined-Shaft Agitation for Improved Viscous Mixing  

Wang, Steven; Wu, Jie; Ohmura, Naoto, 11741-11751


Nonhomogeneous Mixing Population Balance Model for the Prediction of Particle Size Distribution in Large Scale Emulsion Polymerization Reactors 

Alexopoulos, Aleck H.; Pladis, Prokopis; Kiparissides, Costas, 12285-12296


Intensified Gas-Liquid Mixing in a Quench Box under the Driving of Supergravitational Swirling Flow 

Wang, Zhenyuan; Cheng, Zhenmin; Huang, Zibin; et al., 12802-12811


Study of Mixing Time in a Liquid Vessel with Rotating and Reciprocating Agitator 

Kordas, Marian; Story, Grzegorz; Konopacki, Maciej; et al., 13818-13828


Basket Impeller Extractive Reactor Column for Biodiesel Production: An Experimental Study 

Chesterfield, Dean M.; Tin Cao Trung; Lucien, Frank P.; et al., 15298-15310


Research on Heat Transfer Performance of Coaxial Mixer with Inner Combined Impeller  

Liu, Baoqing; Zhang, Yikun; Liu, Jingliang; et al., 17285-17293


Impinging Jet Micromixer for Flow Synthesis of Nanocrystalline MgO: Role of Mixing/Impingement Zone 

Kumar, D. V. Ravi; Prasad, B. L. V.; Kulkarni, A. A., 17376-17382







Photographic Study of Bubble Size and Void Fraction Distributions in a Gas-Liquid Stirred Tank with Hollow Blade Turbine 

Geng, Xuan; Gao, Zhengming; Bao, Yuyun, 107-115


A Study of the Effects on Cooling Rate of Impeller Shape with the Aim of Scaling up a Cream Cooling Storage Tank 

Miyamoto, Tetsuo; Shidara, Hideo; Inagaki, Koji; Nishi, Kazuhiko; Misumi, Ryuta; Kaminoyama, Meguru, 181-186


Mixing Performance of Passive Micromixer with Sinusoidal Channel Walls 

Afzal, Arshad; Kim, Kwang-Yong, 230-238


Power Correlations and Mixing Patterns of Several Large Paddle Impellers with Dished Bottoms 

Furukawa, Haruki; Kato, Yoshihito; Kato, Tomoho; et al., 255-261


Micromixing Efficiency in an Asymmetric Confined Impinging Jet Reactor 

Gao, Zhengming; Han, Jing; Bao, Yuyun; et al., 683-688


Semi-Lagrangian Method for Numerical Analysis of Fluid Mixing in T-Shaped Micromixer 

Matsunaga, Takuya; Nishino, Koichi, 699-708


Micromixing Characteristics in the Impeller Discharging Area in Aerated Stirred Tank 

Li, Wanbo; Geng, Xingye; Bao, Yuyun; et al., 717-725


Evaluation for the Mixing Performance of a Microreactor with Inline Measurement 

Asano, Yukako; Togashi, Shigenori; Endo, Yoshishige, 770-776




Chemical Engineering Research & Design(IChemE)  Vol. 91 (2013)


Experimental investigation of the flow dynamics of rheologically complex fluids in a Maxblend impeller system using PIV 

Fontaine, A.; Guntzburger, Y.; Bertrand, F.; et al., 7-17


CFD analysis of inter-phase forces in a bubble stirred vessel 

Zhang, Yanhong; Bai, Yulan; Wang, Hualin, 29-35


Solid-liquid mass transfer in relation to diffusion controlled corrosion at the outer surface of helical coils immersed in agitated vessels 

Abdel-Aziz, M. H., 43-50


Prediction of just suspended speed for mixed slurries at high solids loadings 

Ayranci, Inci; Ng, Theodore; Etchells, Arthur W., III; et al., 227-233


Effect of impeller type and position in a batch cooling crystallizer on the growth of borax decahydrate crystals 

Kacunic, Antonija; Akrap, Marija; Kuzmanic, Nenad, , 274-285


Study air-water system in horizontal loop geometry 

Rihani, R.; Legrand, J., 409-417


Agitation of Herschel-Bulkley fluids with the Scaba-anchor coaxial mixers 

Pakzad, Leila; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Upreti, Simant R.; et al., 761-777


Two-step design protocol for patterned groove micromixers 

Sabotin, Izidor; Tristo, Gianluca; Junkar, Mihael; et al., 778-788


Axial thrust of axial flow impellers 

Fort, Ivan; Seichter, Pavel; Pesl, Lubos, 789-794


Reduced IMRs in a mixing tank via agitation improvement 

Wang, Steven; Wu, Jie; Bong, EngYing, 1009-1017


Characterization of the continuous-flow mixing of non-Newtonian fluids using the ratio of residence time to batch mixing time 

Patel, Dineshkumar; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Mehrvar, Mehrab, 1223-1234


Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) applications to Chemical Engineering 

Sharifi, Mohadeseh; Young, Brent, 1625-1645


Using tomography to assess the efficiency of the coaxial mixers in agitation of yield-pseudoplastic fluids 

Pakzad, Leila; Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad; Upreti, Simant R.; et al., 1715-1724


On the mean drop size of toluene/water dispersion in the presence of silica nanoparticles 

Raji-Asadabadi, Maliheh; Abolghasemi, Hossein; Maragheh, Mohammad Ghannadi; et al., 1739-1747


On POD analysis of PIV measurements applied to mixing in a stirred vessel with a shear thinning fluid 

Line, A.; Gabelle, J. -C.; Morchain, J.; et al., 2073-2083


Mixing time and kinetic energy measurements in a shaken cylindrical bioreactor 

Rodriguez, G.; Weheliye, W.; Anderlei, T.; et al., 2084-2097


Development of method for estimating drop diameter in the manufacturing process of functional O/W microcapsules 

Kanaya, Kento; Akao, Shinsuke; Misumi, Ryuta; Nishi, Kazuhiko; Kaminoyama, Meguru; et al., 2098-2105


Development of positron emission particle tracking for studying laminar mixing in Kenics static mixer 

Rafiee, Marjan; Simmons, Mark J. H.; Ingram, Andy; et al., 2106-2113


Dispersion of water into oil in a rotor-stator mixer. Part 2: Effect of phase fraction 

Rueger, Paul E.; Calabrese, Richard V., 2134-2141


Investigations of mass transfer with chemical reactions in two-phase liquid-liquid systems 

Jasinska, Magdalena; Baldyga, Jerzy; Cooke, Michael; et al., 2169-2178


Investigation of turbulence modulation in solid-liquid suspensions using parallel competing reactions as probes for micro-mixing efficiency 

Unadkat, H.; Nagy, Z. K.; Rielly, C. D., 2179-2189


Advanced impeller design: Anti-ragging impeller, ARI2 

Higbee, Robert W.; Giacomelli, Jason J.; Wyczalkowski, Wojciech R., 2190-2197


Fluid-dynamics characteristics of a vortex-ingesting stirred tank for biohydrogen production 

Montante, Giuseppina; Magelli, Franco; Paglianti, Alessandro, 2198-2208


The confined impeller stirred tank (CIST): A bench scale testing device for specification of local mixing conditions required in large scale vessels 

Machado, Marcio B.; Kresta, Suzanne M., 2209-2224


Mixing and recirculation characteristics of gas-liquid Taylor flow in microreactors 

Abadie, T.; Xuereb, C.; Legendre, D.; et al., 2225-2234


Experimental and numerical investigation on mixing and axial dispersion in Taylor-Couette flow patterns 

Nemri, Marouan; Climent, Eric; Charton, Sophie; et al., 2346-2354




化学工学論文集              Vol. 39 (2013)




古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 多田 , 承台, 泳世, 9-12



大平 勇一, 島津 昌光, 小幡 英二, 安藤 公二, 13-17



古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 加藤 史都, 深津 吉孝, 多田 , 94-97



古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 伊藤 晋太朗, 多田 , 171-174



古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 深津 吉孝, 多田 , 175-177



古川 陽輝, 亀井 , 加藤 禎人, 成莉, 鈴木 智也, 多田 , 287-289



古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 深津 吉孝, 多田 , 290-293



宮本 哲夫, 稲垣 孝二, 仁志 和彦, 三角 隆太, 上ノ山 , 413-419



古川 陽輝, 加藤 禎人, 深津 吉孝, 多田 , 承台, 泳世, 479-484